Weekend Oddity

So there are a few odd things that happened this weekend. One funny, one horribly gross and then we’re back to restful Monday. So here goes…

Story #1) I was at the restaurant on Thursday night. We have three people who run the kitchen. Mr. Martinez (owner’s hubby), Adolfo, and Hermando. So, Hermando walks in and, of course, I (Miguel el Toro) say, “Hola! Que Pasa?” (Hello, What’s up?)

Hermando: What’s up, el Toro?

Miguel El Toro : Nada (Nothing)

Adolfo: How you baby?

MeT: Which one?

A: From last night?
(Shady and Little Bear came to the restaurant on V Day)

MeT: Bien!

A: Which one?

MeT: Una Mas (One more as I pointed to my belly)

H&A: Que?!?!?! (What?)

H: How old you baby?

MeT: 4 months

A: Cuatro mesos?!?! (to Hermando) Su bebé es cuatro meses y otro viniendomas! (His baby is four months and other coming.)

H: (With hands on his head in shock and amazed look on his face…like my face just feel off) CUATRO MESOS???!?!?! AYE YAY YAY!!! O! Usted necesita mas trabajos y sas dinero!
(You need more jobs and more money)

MeT: Tengo tres trabajos! (I have three jobs!)

H: He laughs and points to his belly and says, “Una mas” (and then points to hand) “Mucho mas.”

There was much laughter. Every time I went back to the kitchen for the rest of the night, Hermando would look at me, shake his head, and either say, “Una mas” or “Cuatro mesos.”

Story #2) So I had just got home from the LLH. I walk in Shady and Little Bear are just chillin in the family room. Daisy, our dog, let me know that she needed to go and pollute the backyard. So we scurry downstairs to go out back. No sooner than Daisy is out the backdoor is it that Shady is frantically calling for me and coughing. I thought maybe she was having a coughing fit like the week before last when she had strep. I didn’t want Daisy to run off, but Shady’s state was unknown and it had prime importance. I run upstairs to find Little Bear safely in the arms of her mom; however, Shady was coughing up a storm and sounding like she was about to spew. I grab Little Bear as I ask what it the issue. As Shady runs to the toilet she exclaims, “LITTLE BEAR JUST THREW UP IN MY NOSE AND IT WENT DOWN MY THROAT!!!” After hurling a little and a shower to clean herself off all was well. The only thing is that it hasn’t gotten to the point where we can laugh about it yet. It still grosses her out.

Those were two of the odd things that happened on the weekend. Till next time!

Author: ProdigalMike

Follower of Jesus Christ. Husband of one woman. Father of four. Worshipper. God has been continually molding me into a worship leader over the last 21 years. I am on a musical journey with my family to become more like Christ. Join in!

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