Weekendings August 31-Sept 2

Well, my weekend got off to an early start.

Thursday at 4:30 p.m. I clocked out of work from Samford and hopped in the “Gas Saver” to go to the next place…as usual. Now, the previous Thursday, the same thing happened, but this time it was different. This time, I was behind the wheel and got even closer to having a major accident. Why? Well, by Thursday at 4:30, I have already been on the go for 41 of my 74 hours of work each week. by Thursday afternoon, I am exhausted. I fell asleep behind the wheel again. By the grace of God I didn’t have an accident, but knew that actions had to be taken. I finally get to work and finish my shift. Weave my way home for a nap before Friday @ 5:30’s wake up call.

At 7:15, my body says, “Dude, it is too bright outside for you to be in bed, right?” I called in to Samford. I could feel that I wouldn’t have been a bit of good. I would get there and slober all over myself all day and wouldn’t have the presence of mind to pull my fingers out of the industrial-sized paper shredder when they got caught. I slept until about 9 a.m. Slightly refreshed, and I do emphasize slightly, I get up, grab my shower and head toward the coffee pot. No love there. I drive, safely, to O’Reilly’s to ask about parts for the Taurus. The day zips by…next thing I know, it is time to head to the restaurant. I finish up there by about 10:30 p.m. and head home for a nap.

Saturday is always family day. Well, it is really more like family half-day since I have to work the restaurant on Saturdays. This Saturday was different. Lovely, little Bear, and I hop in the Gas Saver and drive to pick up a nice, but slightly worn outfit for her reunion thing that night. I chatted with my Papa for a while which was a good thing. I called in to the restaurant to remind them that I wouldn’t be there and off to Logan’s on 150. We had a blast. I got to see an old friend and got to meet new ones.

Sunday had it’s highs and lows. Church was fantastic. It was and still is a hard message to swallow, but I’m still gulping away at it. After church we grab a very quick bite and then back home so I can crawl in the Taurus for a while. To no avail, I worked on the car about three and a half hours. It started getting dark and I blew about $100 just trying to breathe life into the deflated lungs of the Taurus. (An update is coming today.) I threw my hands up and retreated inside and slothed in front of the BeasTV. I called it a pseudo-late night in order to catch a wink before the wake-up call and off the work today.

Weekend rating…
Family time – 8.5
Working time 5.0
Fun time – 7.0
Rest time – 3.0

Overall I think the weekend was a success.

Author: ProdigalMike

Follower of Jesus Christ. Husband of one woman. Father of four. Worshipper. God has been continually molding me into a worship leader over the last 21 years. I am on a musical journey with my family to become more like Christ. Join in!

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