Home-life is pretty, honkin’ grand these days. I mean, I got home yesterday and as I was walking up the stairs to our front door, I noticed there were loads of dried beans on the ground. I wondered what it was about. Were they bad beans? What could be the explanation of some of our most precious staples being tossed about? Later I found out that Lovely and Lil Bear had some school outside on the “front porch.” This week, Lil Bear is learning to say and sign the letter A…and some words that start with A. We are also counting to 3 and have learned a few colors including blue, black, green, yellow and red. She is also learning to clean up a room before she goes to destroy another.

These are interesting times, my friends. Why? Well, Lil Bear just turned 16 months yesterday.

In addition to Lil Bear, we have Lovely that is in her first Tri-mester exhaustion and then me, working like usual. I’ll be thankful for the new job at the Village since I’ll mostly work from home. I will be able to see the fam a lot more than I do now. (and sure, there is the whole hard distinction of a home-worker being at home and then in another room and being at work…I got that)

I’m just ready to start making that difference. I sincerely try where I am. People notice the difference, but everyone around me is “saved” already. And even though I currently work at a Baptist University, I can’t preach to the students while talking to them about their loans or when I teach the guitar classes. Sad, isn’t it.

I’m just grateful for where I am today. God woke me up this morning. God put breath in me and my heart was pumping blood. I walked around. I bathed and have eaten. I have a job to go to and earn money. I woke up laying right next to a beautiful woman (my wife) and spent a few moments with my children…(it’s never too early to talk to the belly). I don’t want to take anything for granted today.

Thank you, Father, for giving me a life that is abundant in You. Sure, when the world looks at my life I don’t have anything, but I do. I have life eternal, a God who saves, a King who fights for me and gives me hope, and a Holy Spirit that comes along side to comfort and guide me. Who really cares about the rest? God, you are the greatest Father. Thank you for adopting me as a son and making me an heir as Christ. Jesus, thank you for your life-gift. Thank you for drinking the cup and not passing it along. Thank you for giving your life to give us life. Thank you for your example and the my brothers and sisters who have gone ahead of me. Thank you for what you do and have done in order to make a place for us and to send us the Holy Spirit to guide and comfort us. May you receive all of the honor, respect, glory, and praise due your
name. Amen.

Author: ProdigalMike

Follower of Jesus Christ. Husband of one woman. Father of four. Worshipper. God has been continually molding me into a worship leader over the last 21 years. I am on a musical journey with my family to become more like Christ. Join in!

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