Wonder and Amazement

I was driving up to the Huntsville/Madison part of Alabama this a.m. to pick up some guys from work.  Most of the way there and back I honestly don't remember since I was basically asleep, nodding off, and running off the road and the jerking the wheel when I started running over the little “HEY, PAL!!!  YOU'RE RUNNING OFF THE HONKIN' ROAD AND ABOUT TO KILL YOURSELF!!!” noise maker strip on the side of the shoulder…But there were a few things I do remember. 

There is nothing like a fall morning as the fog (not smog) is starting to rise and sun is poking out of just a few clouds onto the amber, orange, and apple colored trees below.  It was just great.  and in that moment, as cliche as that sounds, I really do feel like God wanted me to see that.  It was like God was shining light and promise to the trees that though they will soon enter a time of barrenness and cold, that His hope and mercy will not forsake them and His face will shine upon those trees again soon.  You see, this can tie into a lot of the situations that God has been growing me through in recent months and weeks.  I want nothing but respect to come through these words and encouragement to come through these words so I do not feel free to give out many details.  I will say that God has been showing me some things in my heart that are not fruit that is represented in Galatians 5.  I, too often, can be quick-tempered and without compassion. 

No matter the situation…no matter how easy or difficult it may be, work as unto the Lord.  I honestly don't think that anyone could actually achieve this because God never sleeps or slumbers and there is no end to His might.  He works non-stop, I believe.  I mean, just because I am not praying while I sleep doesn't mean that He isn't hearing 4 Billion prayers while I am silent.  It is character and attributes that are constant and never-changing.  God is never-changing.  His method, seems to change just a little bit, but his level of acceptance does not change.  It is the heart of the person (man, woman, child) that He looks at.  It really is amazing when you slow down or stop and think about just how much and how expansive God REALLY is.  I mean, to hear MY prayers?  Why would my prayers be as important as someone who is dying or someone who is going through some sort of personal loss?  I mean, my prayers seem so petty next to that.  Then again, when you are seeking God's face on the call that He has for your life and you are asking for continued direction and guidance, then, just maybe, it is as important. 

God, I pray that You would shine Your face upon me like the sun shown on those fall trees today.  Not just to warm me up, but God as nutrients and food for me.  To help me see when things seem a little dim and the fog is all around me.  You give me life and shelter in the cleft of Your rock.  Your guidance never fails.  Thank you, Father for Your acceptance of me into your Kingdom as joint heirs with Christ.  I pray that You would empower me to continue to fight the good fight and to live in such a manner that Your heart is pleased.  Amen.

Author: ProdigalMike

Follower of Jesus Christ. Husband of one woman. Father of four. Worshipper. God has been continually molding me into a worship leader over the last 21 years. I am on a musical journey with my family to become more like Christ. Join in!

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