Go ahead and give in…pansy!!!

That is what I tell myself most days. Well, that is at least how I have gotten to the place I am in right now. I didn’t really have much Manly Man time growing up. I didn’t receive the “Birds and Bees” talk until I was like 15…I think. No real intro into Manhood…

I keep going over and over this in my head when we have meetings at the Village. Some of the guys are just amazingly dull. They aren’t stupid, they just don’t think three and four moves down the road. (I am not any better in most cases.) So why is that? Why am I not much further along than they? I have been pondering this for the passed weeks…

I have been reading/studying this book called Boundaries. It deals with how to set realistic goals for yourself to protect you from sin…basically. This isn’t a “Welcome to the Push Over’s Club” handbook. This is a hands down, girded loins, strong-willed, okay-to-offend biblical approach to protect yourself and your own family. Moving away from abusive relationships, understanding when to say NO and being able to stand up for yourself kind of book. A much needed idea for today’s men…self included.

So where does this find me? I have heard it said before that I am a student and teacher of this subject. I am learning what defines me as I find out what God has designed me to do. I am finding more and more that I am unique and not like anyone else…even my own family. I am finding even more just how jealous and awesome God is and how strong Jesus is. Good Lord, God is amazing. I mean, just the ability to strike a man and woman down because they weren’t completely forth coming about how much they made? Opening up the earth to swallow a whole people just for being associated with a couple of no-good bums? Really, I mean, Jesus standing up, with a fat tattoo on his thigh, robe and sword dipped in blood and telling the angels to bind up Lucifer and toss into Hell with everyone else…well, please don’t excuse my language, but that kind of Jesus just KICKS ASS!!! No way I would stand up with the kind of Jesus that I was taught about growing up…The truth is that God is amazing in that He can have such different calls for just a few people. I am excited about seeking God more and finding out what God is designing in my heart.

And here is the best part, I know that if I get off track or start to pull anything but a white-knuckled, on-the-honkin-edge life for Christ that I will be receiving the ass kickin’ right along with old Luci. If I am warm, God will yak me out of his mouth.

So, should I go ahead and give in…to God, yes. To the world, not a chance.

God, keep me strong for your will. I don’t want to die down or fizzle out like I usually do. I want to bring the gospel to the world and praise you the whole time. I want to seek you and find you and I just need a heart to seek you with. (No, I’m not the Cowardly Lion) God, I pray you would just bust my chops any time I am even starting to slack. I pray that when the time comes for the glory to come that I will have the humility and wisdom to step out of the way and make sure that I don’t get a bit of it.

Author: ProdigalMike

Follower of Jesus Christ. Husband of one woman. Father of four. Worshipper. God has been continually molding me into a worship leader over the last 21 years. I am on a musical journey with my family to become more like Christ. Join in!

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