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Things are changing around my house.  We are kind of expanding to get ready for baby #4 who is due in the first part of October.  We are in the works of launching a small business of our own (ah, the paperwork).  Of course, the kids are growing like stink weeds.  “Bon” (the eldest) will be 5 in October.  “Moe” just turned two and is all boy.  “Hosie” just turned one a couple of weeks ago.  So there are a lot of little things happening and coming about each day. 

One thing that always makes me laugh is how each child grows to be his or her own little person.  They really start to come into their personality between the ages of 1 & 2 years old.  Well, for two of ours, that is exactly where we are.

We’ll start with Bon.

She is a big helper.  She loves to help around the house and do big girl things.  She helps Lovely cook and do laundry (she puts clothes in the washer – and pulls them out of the dryer).  She makes her little bed and will tidy up her room really well.  One of the biggest things that she does lately is that she clears the dining room table of all plates and cups, scrapes the plates and puts the dishes in the sink (or the dishwasher).  Again, big girl tasks.  She likes to help the others with their chores and really likes to be given responsibilities.  I catch her singing to herself.  She has a great little voice and I look forward to seeing that blossom.   I see a leader in her… 

Then there is “Moe.”

As mentioned before, “Moe” is straight-up boy.  There is NO denying that.  He is either full force or asleep.  But even with all of the “boy-ness” his personality is still shining through.  He is so strong (even at 2 years old) that he can pick up and move pretty much any furniture in the house.  He knows he is strong, but he is really gentle (most of the time) with his sisters.  If they get hurt he will come over and give them kisses or pat them on their back to comfort them.  When he is in the mood, he will just give all of his toys away to help someone feel loved.  He has recently started doing some of his own chores.  Some of those include:  Throwing away the dirty diapers (He says, “I froway”), picking up the toys in the living room, taking his little man clothes to the laundry room, and helping MTP cut the grass (he holds the mower and pushes with me).  He is exactly as I have prayed as he was in the womb… Strong as a warrior, but with a compassionate heart.

Next to last is “Hosie.”

Hosie is pretty much the star of the show.  She has the most rhythm and talks pretty much nonstop.  She has a very kind heart and is warm and friendly.  The funny thing is that she has discernment like I have never seen.  She will sit and read people when she first meets them.  There are some she will go to and some (in the same room) that she will not.  She is a lot more sensitive than I am.  Usually within about 5 minutes I will be able to discern the truth about a person.  She just barely sees them for about one minute and that is enough.

And finally, Baby…

Well, baby is just growing right now, but I pray that this child will be an amazing follower of Jesus.  Honoring God’s Word and reaching people for God’s Kingdom.  I will have a more clear direction when I know the gender of the baby within the next month or so, but I really believe that God’s promises and blessings will be wrapped up in this baby.  By the way, in case you haven’t heard, if the baby is a girl, her name will be LydiaRuth (secret middle name) Catoe.  If baby is a boy, then the name will be Nekoda Solomon Catoe.

Until next time…



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Follower of Jesus Christ. Husband of one woman. Father of four. Worshipper. God has been continually molding me into a worship leader over the last 21 years. I am on a musical journey with my family to become more like Christ. Join in!

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