What is all this talk about Morality?

There has been a lot of talk on the radio recently about a movement called the Gay Moral Revolution.  Something just doesn’t sound right.  I mean, my religious beliefs aside for just a moment, just the name of it is out of place.  Moral and Revolution.  Okay, so if moral is supposed to mean things like decent, honest, proper, just, right, good, and ethical.  And Revolution means revolt, mutiny, insurgence, riot, uprising, and rebellion, then how can these two terms exist together.  Oh, I’m going to go about creating mutiny in an ethical way.  Or, I’m going to rebel in a proper and just manner.  How dumb does that sound? 
I mean, here is the deal, really.  People of an alternative lifestyle are simply looking for recognition and equality for their indiscretion.  The life they lead is one that is opposed not only to nature, but to the way that God designed.  Were their people who were gay in biblical times?  Sure.  God was as mad about it then as I’m sure He is now. 
Here is one biblical approach.  God clearly states that we are not to live immoral lives.  But here is another slant on it.  God calls us to follow His commands.  And that we need to submit ourselves to the authorities over us.  When there comes a time that man asks you to do something that is outside of God’s commands, THEN you should follow God’s commands.  There is protection in that.  So where does that leave homosexuality? Because it is not in man’s law and certainly against God’s law.  Then that would leave it immoral and unethical.  Hmmm…  But that would be the opposite of a “Moral Revolution.” Right? 
Wait, I think there is more to it.  If you are revolting or causing an uprising then that doesn’t seem to fall within the guidelines of what moral means.  I don’t think that another term would fit the end goal of the Gay Rights Activists.  So far (and not in any particular order) there is the “Gay Pride” day.  Allowing gay couples to adopt children.  (i.e Melissa Ethridge or Sir Elton John).  Then moving states to make a moral and ethical decision whether or not to recognize the union of homosexual couples.  Now our children (those within the public school systems anyway) are now to be educated even as early as the age of 5 that homosexuality is the same as a traditional marriage.  That is not teaching equality.  That is called brainwashing.  That is teaching children that you should be okay and accept whatever you are told.  I DO NOT see that as teaching children, this nation’s future leaders, anything about critical thinking…nothing about dealing with opposition. 
So what about other cases of equality?  Like should a Caucasian and an African-American have the same opportunities and be considered equal?  I answer with a resounding YES!  In God’s eyes, the color of your skin does not matter as he looks at the condition of the heart.  Should women be considered equal with a man?  My answer?  No and Yes.  Let me explain…  Man was created for a certain purpose.  Woman was created for a purpose equally important and laborious.  Just not the same purpose.  Jesus actually taught a good deal that women were important and should be treated with reverence and kindness.  Women have a voice!!!  However, I think the “Women’s Lib” movement was absolutely stupid.  A complete perversion of what God has laid out as His desires in the Bible.  As I digress on this point, the difference between man and woman has less to do with anatomy than their role in society and God’s design.  So what does that mean when two men come together attempting to simulate a traditional marriage?  At least one, if not both, of them are not operating in the role that they were designed for.  The same is true of two women who desire to marry one another. 
So where does this leave us?  I don’t think there is one pin-pointed answer, but I think that this perversion, just as the women’s lib movement caused family to spend more which caused demand to increase.  To the point that now, to maintain a successful lifestyle (successful in the world view) it is almost imperative that both spouses work.  Women wanted to be considered equal in the workplace?  Now you’ve got it.  The natural desire to rule over man (as foretold in Genesis) has become complete in that now, a woman must work like a man. 
Let’s return to our roles.  I do not for one second believe that people are born into homosexuality.  God does not make mistakes.  Never has and He never will.  Turn away from the sin.  Men, take off your dresses.  Women, trade your pants for a dress…  And let’s live out the amazing promises of God. 
Until next time…

Author: ProdigalMike

Follower of Jesus Christ. Husband of one woman. Father of four. Worshipper. God has been continually molding me into a worship leader over the last 21 years. I am on a musical journey with my family to become more like Christ. Join in!

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