"The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it…"

Psalms 24:1 (NRSV)

Odd title for a Verse of the Day post, right? I mean, what does that even mean? It was one of the first things that popped into my brain. That’s usually how I get the subject line for these things, only today, as odd as this title sounds, I’m not going to change it like I normally would. I digress.

That collection of letters and dashes is a word-mash-up of All Of It. Everything! Todo! That’s right. EVERYTHING belongs to our heavenly Father. Think about that for a moment. He spoke the earth and all of it’s coverings into being. He spoke and all things that were not human were created. As for the humans, He spent the time to create us, form us as He wanted us to be more carefully detailed so we could be made in His image. Now, while Adam and Eve were formed by hand, the rest of us were knit together in our mothers’ wombs. Why do you think David took the time to write this psalm? Maybe he was just taking some time to praise the very One who made him. This leads me to think about just how much of my heart/life that I allow Jesus to have freedom to move.

Your thoughts???

Need prayer? You can reply here or you can send me a Facebook message through the Prodigal Thinker page. If this encourages you, feel free to share it. Feel free to reply with feedback as well. I’m always open to discussion.

God’s blessings to you, my family

Photo credit: Aksonsat Uanthoeng

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Follower of Jesus Christ. Husband of one woman. Father of four. Worshipper. God has been continually molding me into a worship leader over the last 21 years. I am on a musical journey with my family to become more like Christ. Join in!

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