100th blah-g

What a monumental occasion!?! This only happens every…well, evidentally every 6 1/2 months. “So, anything planned for the 100th blog,” you ask? Nah. Just words strung together. Nothing huge. Nothing really special. Nothing nothing.

Thanks for those who read and STILL can’t comment. I appreciate your patience and diligence. It seems that good ol’ Blogger has forgotten about my 14 requests for help with this issue. No matter. I can still blog. That is the main goal, right? Right? Hey, are you still reading? Hey!?!?!? ……………………

Oh, there you are.

Yeah, so here I am. I’ve blabbed, complained, moaned, and groaned at least 100 times. Well, here is to another 100 blah-g entries!!!!