Gearin’ up

So I’ve been thinking about what gear I have, what I could borrow, and what I would need to get for playing out…


I had forgotten all that I sold off…It is quite disheartening…

If I went and bought (right now) all of the stuff that I would need to just run everything myself…I’m looking at somewhere around the $1,200.00 mark. OUCH!!!

So until I get really famous (yeah, right!?!) I’ll just have to borrow.

My acoustic (the one signed by Dave Barnes) is still very much playable, but the electronics are shot. I could use the Benny guitar, but I couldn’t use a capo if I needed to due to the type of set up and the frets that are on it. I would spend more time tuning than playing…not good. So I’m looking at Carvin for an inexpensive “Bolt-on” guitar to handle all of the electric guitar parts. I played one not too long ago. I was amazing that it was a kit guitar. As for the acoustic stuff I could probably just mic my Yamaha with a Shure 57 instrument mic.

Other than that, I’ll just need a couple of mics, stands, cords, and my skills.

Man, I can’t wait. I’m getting all the songs chorded out this week…all 60 of them. (That’ll be some righteous practice time, yo!)

So until then….Strum on!

Oh! By the by, this is post number 200…I’m very excited about that.