Car update

Car Update

So I limped away from the mechanic’s shop $600.00 biten out of my hind-quarters. I earlier in the week I had gone to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts and answered all of their 100 questions to receive my brake pads. Well, all of that to find out on Wednesday that not only did they give me the wrong pads, but they messed up my rotors. So here is a list of the repairs….

Two new Bridgestone tires – middle level quality $180 total
Two new rotors – $240 total
Brake pads – $80
Labor – the rest of the money

The verdict…it still drives about as bad as it did when I took it in to the shop.

I told the mechanic that the car needed to be aligned. He disagreed. I pointed out the tires and the wear on them. “That shows that the car is out of alignment!!!” “It’s your breaks…and your rotors…Oh, and you’ll need to replace your two front tires. They seem to be wearing unevenly.”

Thanks, Jeff. I hope that you enjoy being ASE certified. I’d strip you of your silly piece of paper.

As a result, though, I have given the car a new name. The silver Taurus shall from now on be know as…….(drum roll, please)…………………………………….

The Silver Sloth!!!