A week of lasts

So Monday of this week was the last lesson with my current guitar class. We had a good time in class. We learned Sweet Home Alabama, Home by Daughtry, Can’t you See by the Marshall Tucker Band, and began working through the intro of Stairway to Heaven by Zepplin. Oh, in only 8 weeks…and starting the whole playing guitar thing from scratch. Most of the class had never actually held a guitar. What can I say? I love what I do.

Tonight, I will be heading over to the Lovelady Center to meet with the choir, but it won’t be for practice tonight. That’s right. Attendance and participation has been so low that we are going to be cancelling the choir. I hate that because the ones that actually showed up really did want to sing. But it is kind of difficult to have a choir with 3 people. Ya know?

So what now? Well, I’ll be picking up another 2-3 guitar classes within the next two months that will keep me honkin’ busy as all get out. So it’ll be a push to the first of the year, but I’ll make it.

So in the mean time, check out these Youtube videos. You can get a taste of what these good people learned.

Congrats, Ladies!!!

Just a quick snippet.

The Lovelady choir that I have been working with finally performed for the first time tonight. So how did it go? Pretty good. There was a weak spot that we had worked on during Thursday’s practice that they forgot all about but other than that it was pretty good.

It was a nice boost for their confidence. Sure they were singing for the Lovelady Center and the crowd was excited about seeing some of their own participating in the leading. They will sing in the coming weeks for crowds that are a little less…uhm…responsive, you could say.

It was a good time. They got done and they were smiling and you could tell that for some of them, the whole God thing has come full circle. That what they have wanted to do for a long time, some for their whole life, they are getting to do for the God that they worship. It is refreshing for me.

So as usual…I’ll let you know how they are doing. But for now, I must get moving.