"Near…Far" says Grover.

I think that it is grand that when ever I begin to take a stand for God and the call that He has placed on my life, that the world is against me on it…and, to a point, against God on it as well.

So a few weeks ago, I had been praying through my returning to the classroom, not as a teacher but as the student. I have been met with a good bit of opposition on this…surprisingly.

One person told me that I don’t have to go to seminary to be a pastor. True. But how much further along in the process would I be if I did? I have known some pastors on both sides of the knowledged fence…some seminary and some non-seminary pastors. I think that the delivery of a message has more to do with God speaking on someone that is a willing vessel and is called than anything else. Of my own opinion, the men that I know that have gone to seminary are just a small cut above those who have not.

Another: “Jesus didn’t go to seminary! Why would you have to go?” True. Jesus DIDN’T go to seminary. But the Jewish schooling back in the day of Jesus was amazing that by the time he was fifteen or so, he had all of the “Canon,” Prophets both major and minor, Wisdom, and the rest of what we know as the old testament MEMORIZED!!! I am no where near that.

So why is it that when you make a stand for God that you get blasted with stuff?

In the last two weeks, I have been hit with two different job offers (one would be helping others by helping to find jobs and the other would be to orchestrate and lead a gathering of believers) and then some personal stuff as well. My wife and I find out that we are going to be high-risk birthers, pretty much, from now on. There is more to it than that, but I don’t want to give too much out right now. (This is a public forum, by the way.) So, why does everything hit all at one time? I don’t think God is plotting on me. I think He is just letting life happen and maybe, somewhat like Job, my faith is being proven?

I must admit that I was side-tracked a bit the past two weeks. All of these possibilities and all leading to leadership-type roles. But they all point away from what God as told me that I am to do. Completely head up and organize and lead a church? Well, 1 Timothy and Titus (plus a few others) have some qualifications that point to the fact that I may not be equipped to do that right now though that is along the lines of what I am going to be looking at doing after seminary.

Then the whole health thing…

I am just glad that God is constant. He is forever. Forever?

So what does that mean to me in the meantime? Study my eyes out of their sockets. Get as much biblical knowledge as I can and tell people about Jesus. Whatever I am studying needs to be talked about ALL DAY LONG in my conversations, prayers, and songs.

Oh, and when the time comes for the family to move to another state for schooling, I will lead them in that. We will go. This is not a move due to fear and resentment as it has been before.
This move is a move toward God and his call…not away from.

When there is so much on my plate that I need to re-enforce the siderails on my plate, I will not back down from the fight. God is my sole source of strength and life. It is ONLY by His words that I live and breathe and have the ability to call Him God. So is there a fight? Bible says, “Yes!” There are always prayers…intercessions that Jesus makes on your behalf and the Holy Spirit groans for you when you don’t have the words to pray. There are always supernatural things going on whether it freaks people out or not. Some people are more privy to it than others, but it is still there.

I am on God’s side. I want to fight for Him. So I will lay down my everything and arm myself with the Word of God and the truth that He has breathed on it. I will fight until God takes the fight out of me.