UnSupervised Fun

It isn’t what it sounds like. The “fun” is muy sarcastic.

So here is the scoop. My super is OOT (out of town) for a conference. (By the way, SuperGB reads the Miguel El Toro Chronicles, so this should be awesome.)

Here is how it all starts today…or at least how I remember it

I get to work late due to a baby explosion. Yup, Little Bear was all loaded up in the carseat (oh, I use the work “loaded” with the most intent) and I was loading up all the stuff for the day for Lovely and Little Bear to have a fun day. I glance away and all is well. I look back as a stinch hits my nose…WHAAAAAAAAAAT THAAAAAAAAAAAAA?!?!?!?!! Yep. It was everywhere. Carseat? Soiled. Baby? Soiled. Miguel el Toro’s work clothes? Soiled.

So we rinse off the rugrat. I change clothes. Change out the carseat. Load back up in the truck and zip off to work.

Now, I knew that SuperGB was going to be gone. No sooner than I get to my desk does the drama begin.

People need to sign their loans.
People are graduating in 8 days and haven’t been through the repayment info.
I still have a MASSIVE REPORT to do for the people graduating in about 2.5 months.
Loan checks for consolidations are piled up on my desk so high I can’t see past my fan.
I have people left and right asking me about stuff.
People bringing mail to me that obviously goes to some other part of the campus all together.
People needing to consolidate.
People calling while I’m helping other people that don’t know what they are doing.

Needless to say, so far it is a heinous day and it is just now 1:10 p.m. Much like SuperGB says, “If only I had 25 hours in the day I would be breaking even.”

So. No lunch break today. Probably no lunch break this week. I have too much to do. I’ll have too many people to deal with between now and Friday. This is not to mention the Restaurant job.


By the way, life is not horrible. I had a great weekend with Lovely and Little Bear. Lovely was fantastic and beautiful as usual. Little Bear was a clingy baby all weekend…she just wanted her PopPop. We three just hung out and spent time chillin’. I wish everyday was like this passed weekend. =)