Easter Weekend

So Shady and I decided to blow off the family so we could just get away for the weekend. I mean, we needed it. We weren’t passing them off just because we didn’t want to see them. We weren’t quite ready for the bazillion “I’m sorrys” or “Well, you’ll have more kids later” comments that go with a miscarriage. We didn’t want a pity party. We weren’t ready just yet for the family barage, so we skipped out of town. (well, that and we have never been on a vacation…just the two of us…while we have been married.) This opportunity seemed the best chance for a quick trip to…Gulf Shores.

Right after church we grabbed some eats somewhere, took off to the house to pack up a thing or two (including little bear), make a reservation for a room in Mobile, and drive off into the sunset.

We arrived in Mobile by about 7:30 on Sunday night. We rested, dined on some gourmet burgers from Wendy’s 99-cent menu and just relaxed.

Monday we got up, ate the continental and checked out of the hotel. Off to Gulf Shores.

First stop, Souvenir City for a few treats. Well, that and little bear had peed through her diaper AND outfit so we had to get a new outfit for her. Next, the public beach for a few minutes. It was overcast and quite chilly so we just stayed for about 10-15 minutes or so. Long enough to take it all in and be reminded of just how big God is.

We jump back in the car and head for Florida/Alabama line for a chance to win $33 Million which didn’t happen, of course, and then a bite of lunch and off to the Foley Outlets for a good hour long walk to work off some of our lunch.

After our walk and shop fun we packed it up back into the car, gassed up, and headed back towards home. We finally arrived home at around 10 p.m. We stopped and had a healthy dinner @ Steak-N-Shake. It is alright food but it was more for nostalgia than anything. You see, we went to a Steak-N-Shake while we were on our honeymoon nearly 4 years ago.

It was a good time. I can’t wait to get back there.

Lil’ Bunny Foo Foo…

Well, it’s here. Bunny Foo Foo time.

Is that why this weekend should be celebrated? No…but it gets me another day off with the family.

It’s about Jesus…not Bunny Foo Foo.

So why celebrate with a Bunny? Well, back in the day the same time that “Easter” or the Passover was celebrated (much like Christmas), the Hebrews would celebrate their holidays around the same time the pagans would celebrate because they would get a couple of days off from work. So what about Easter? It was a pagan holiday that was used to make sacrifices to the fertility gods for their crops. So everyone would go to the top of the hill where the prostitutes were and “sacrifice” with them to please the god of fertility and their crops would be “blessed.” So how does the symbol of a bunny get locked in here? Have you ever heard anyone say something about people with a lot of kids? Well, usually there will be a remark about bunnies and their reproductivity.

As a result, Shady, little bear, and I will celebrate Jesus and have nothing to do with the over-commercialized Easter Bunny. We aren’t better than anyone else. We just choose Christ over tradition. So as you bite the head off of your chocolate bunny on Sunday, remember what you are really celebrating.