Father’s Day is coming…

Father’s Day is just a few days away. Congrats to all the Dads out there!!!!!

At one thought I can’t wait for Sunday, and with another thought I am a little sad.

I am grateful for little bear. She is growing so much and she is already using a few words and doing her best to walk…IT 8 MONTHS!!!!!! She is saying “Bite,” “Pop Pop,” “Bye,” and she is trying to get “Ma ma” under control. You can watch her. She watches our faces when we sound the words. She tries to emulate what we are doing with our mouth. She laughs and cackles like crazy. Yet, my heart is still sad that our second baby died. It is still very fresh on my mind and heart.

So while I will enjoy my very first Father’s Day with a baby in my arms, I will have a piece of my heart that is left behind for our second baby. Is that unhealthy? Nope. It’s like when you have a grandparent that you loved dearly pass away…you remember them…part of your heart will always miss them. But how can you miss someone you never met? Well, I spent time talking to BN2 through Lovely’s belly. I patted her belly. I prayed over the baby. My point is that when you devote time and energy on something you begin to care and have love set aside for it. It becomes your identity. Whether “it” is spending time with your baby or your wife or the Bible. It could even be your job that you despise so much.

So everyday, but especially on Sunday…the blessed Father’s Day, hug your child and pray over them. Spend time with them. Spend time with your dad if you can. Just remember that God is your Father above your earthly one…so spend plenty of time with God too.

Popi’s Day a.k.a. Father’s Day

Father’s Day is June 17th this year. It is a day when we recognize fathers and what they do. Some don’t do anything. Some do too much. Some are much like the Baby Bear and are just right.

I’ve been a dad for nearly eight months now…since October 12, 2006. Her name…well, we call her Little Bear here on the Blogspot.

She has meant the world to me. As a new dad (about 3 weeks into daddy-dom) a father further in the voyage said, “They get more fun later. You’re probably bored right now because she (Little Bear) is much like a lump of skin and bones just needing to be feed or changed or put down for a nap.” Well, I must say that the individual was wrong. Within a week or so, Little Bear was smiling. Within another couple of weeks, she was laughing. From there Little Bear has just grown and grown. Sure there are days were she is just fussy. It is usually that she is tired, hungry, or needs a new diaper…or as we have found, she just misses daddy.

So to all of those fathers out there. Happy early Father’s Day.

Why do I wish you a happy one? Well, it seems that Popi’s Day occurs on two Thursdays before Father’s Day. So I got my Popi’s Day present last night.

What was it?

A ton of studio made pictures of Little Bear.

That was the best present I’ve ever been given.