Will I have a chance to practice this weekend? Ya know, play the guitar and get ready for a few gigs? I hope so. I could use the stress reducer right about now. Then again I haven’t been around Lovely and Little Bear much this week. Why?!? I’ll just say this…this has been a long, rough week. I’m not complaining. There is nothing to complain about…I’m just making a statement. Work was never bad or hard, just very intense and demanding. Lessons went well on Monday night, but I’ve been so busy that I just realized that I haven’t sent out notes via e-mail yet. In addition to the busyness at work, I started taking on some of my future responsibilities this week with the Village…not a lot, just a few. I handle those at night.

I hope that I just get to relax a little this weekend and that I get a chance to rest (whether I sleep or not). I know that Sunday is going to be awesome. We are studying some awesome stuff about worship. Not the type of worship you think about doing at church, but what most people end up doing instead.

If I have time, I’ll fill ya in on Monday (or maybe as late as next Friday…).