What may come? Come!

This blog originally began as one of my everybody else has it better rants. Me feeling sorry for myself and look at me in my pissy pitty party pool. I think it is time for me to just grow up and take it like a freakin’ man. What good are trials is you wimp your way through them. If this doesn’t end up right or that doesn’t go like you want SO FREAKIN’ WHAT!!! If I don’t allow myself to hurt and get frustrated, but realize that this is really for a greater good, then none of this will accomplish it’s goal.

Consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds because it will develop, in you, perserverance, and it must finish it’s work so you are mature and you not lacking anything.

At least that’s what the author, James, says. So, what may come? Come. I’m not asking for greater testing and trials in an aggresive and prideful way. Just accepting the fact that until this point I have aggresively been prideful and whiney. None of that shows Christ in me.

It is time that I grow a pair and become the man that God has intended for me to be. And it isn’t a sniveling brat-ish $h1thead that complains about anything including insignificant things like a papercut or a hangnail.