Move! Get out tha way Get out tha way (WHAT) Get out tha way!

Well, it’s really just the move part for us. The landlords of the house we are renting are having us move. We found out about a month and a half ago. We were looking for a place and had found one…we were going to pay the deposit on the following Monday (a couple of weeks ago). Then the Silver Sloth decided to croak. We have been socking $$$ into the car trying to revive it (much like Frankenstein) but to much avail, nothing as of yet. So we stuck all the savings into the car, but we still have to move. This weekend as a matter of fact. Yup. We gotta move.

Have we found a place…well, sure. It is affordable and utilities are included. Where? Well, there is the catch.

We will be there for the next 3-4 months until we can build up our savings again along with reviving the Silver Sloth.

A lot of things are up in the air, but that is not anything new at this point. Life has been very “ups and downs” since my last years as a student at the old University.

Anyway. To each his own. Have a blast this weekend…don’t pull a hammy or get a hernia. Just make sure you lift with your knees.

I am asking the same questions…

Someone, a wise someone, once told me that I typically think in seasons. I make my big decisions around the same time each year. (Usually the fall.) It has been about three years since that conversation took place. However, I am asking myself the same questions. I know that I went to college for a degree. Music Theory and Composition. So do I use my $100,000+ degree? Not really. I mean every once and a while I’ll teach a guitar lesson or play @ church, but there has got to be more than this.

I know why I went for the degree. Music. Worship. All out surrender to God put to music…yet I don’t write much music at all. At present I have about 40+ song fragments in my head…no words just yet.

So do I press forward, cut the restaurant loose, keep the day gig and start playing a couple of nights each week? Or do I just try to find another job, one job, that makes money for me and ultimately my family, to be miserable?

Within 12 hours, I was asked about leading a choir of ladies whom are transitioning from prison back to society and asked by another about teaching guitar at thier church’s performing arts facility.

I just don’t know. I mean, do we get tied down here in Birmingham. Do Shady and I move? Well, it’s less of if and more of where do we move. How far away will we move?

What will I be doing for income once we move? I know that I can’t keep working these frantic hours. I’m wearing down really quickly.

There are a lot of questions that I have. A lot of questions. I just have to look to God for scriptural guidance for these decisions.

We’ll see with time…I guess.