Week in Review

This past week was something else…Some pretty cool UPs and some dramatic DOWNs.

UPs – The Shiny Dome Music Group has been born. you can check it out on Facebook and Myspace. There is now a Facebook Artist page so you too can become a fan There is no music on MySpace just yet, but wait and it’ll be uploaded fairly soon. I have been talking about the music stuff with everyone I come across. Everyone that I’m around is SO PUMPED that there will be an EP coming out in the coming months. I can’t wait to get this running…

UPs – Storytellers GVC will be allowing me to play and share again soon. April 25th actually. It is on the events whether on facebook or myspace. Run, don’t walk and make sure that you are there that night.

DOWNs – Well, we have miscarried again. It happened last week. This is our third pregnancy and our second miscarriage. But, hey, don’t be sad. God has our babies. They are at the feet of Jesus celebrating the salvation He brings and they are worshipping the Creator of all. While we aren’t able to hold our babies, God is holding them.

Many new arrivals…

More new information is on the way.

For many years, I have had an idea to promote and write music under my own music group. Also I would be able to gather other independant artists under the umbrella of this music group to help promote thier music as well. Well, it is beginning to take shape. I knew the name of it a LONG time ago, I had just never put any teeth to it.

So do you wanna know the name? Okay…

Let me say first that logos, trademarks, and copyright information is coming since I want this to do a legit thing.

Music is in the works as well as some events(gigs)…

You can check it out on the web at Facebook or on mySpace. Either way, it is coming into play.

Oh…the name?

Shiny Dome Music Group

Behind the mic….

Soon…This will be a new job for me…well…not really a job. More of an outlet of creativity that will be compensated.
I plan to start playing out again pretty soon…I am getting song lists together now. I’ll post events here, Facebook, and MySpace…just so you don’t miss it.
Here are some artists I will be covering:
Plain White-Ts Dave Barnes Jim Croce Marc Broussard
James Taylor The Beatles Derek Webb Otis Redding
Paul Simon Tom Petty Rodney Calfee Band Marc Cohn
Eric Clapton Lynard Skynard Peter, Paul, & Mary B. B. King
John Mayer The Eagles Jason Mraz Blind Lemon Jefferson
And much, much more…
Stay tuned to your favorite Gnome-tastic channel for more info on events….