Thanks, B, Gruff, and the rest of the fam for the surprise. I never would have expected it. This will be a welcome addition to our ever growing family. Thank you for wanting to honor me and show your appreciate for being a father.
I promise I’ll take good care of her. Change her when she needs changing. Cleaning her up when she is dirty. Talking sweetly to her and never raising my voice…well, not too much anyway.
Thanks Uncle B for giving a guitar that has an awesome history and means a whole world to you. I really appreciate it. Thank you Gruff for lining the whole thing up for me.
I could never say thank you enough.
Lastly, thanks Benny for your music and influence that brought us all to this point. Your music and legend lives on…


Today will be a multi-blog day. I have several things to blog about, but they aren’t all coming in at one time, so I’ll just blog several times……

First things first.

Father’s day!!!

Man, Father’s Day was awesome!!! What made it awesome? Well, you’ll never believe it, but I simply spent time with Lovely and Lil’ Bear. That’s what made it so rockin’. Saturday night after fajita slingin’, the el Toro three jumped up in the “Gas-Saver” (a loaner car from the in-laws. It’s a V8, F-150 that absolutely drinks gas), went over to Truss-Vegas to the Super Target. We grabbed a few things for our PaPas. Then we drove over to Roebuck for a bite to eat. We had to jet right as we got our food since Lil Bear was over-exhausted and causing a rucus. We finally got home, put Bear to bed and Lovely and I just talked for a good 2 hours. About what? Just stuff. Like we did when we were dating back in the day. We just laughed and joked and had fun.
Sunday: Church! WooHoo!!!
Then off to Lovely’s grandparents for a “Hi-Bye” and to my grandparents for a “Hi-Bye” then off to LLC.

A few songs and a nice rendition of Trading my Sorrows a capella from the LoveLadies. The walls shook!

Then Lovely, Lil Bear, and I just went out for some time just talkin’. Lil Bear was occupied so Lovely and I just talked and laughed and cut-up like the old days again. I sure do love my wife.
I sure am thrilled to be a daddy.