Untitled mess

In my last blog post I said mentioned that I had created a new blog about anger, resentment, and more. Well, long story short it was just a day that I couldn’t seem to handle. More than that, it was a bitching session of blame. I blamed everyone and everything for the anger I was going through at the time. It is easy to do that. It means that there is nothing wrong with yourself, but the whole rest of the world is screwed up. That everything that happens to you is somehow someone else’s fault and they should fix their crap and then your own life would be peachy. Bull!!!

The fact is that life as a Christian is set up where you are constantly allowed to go through things (good and bad) that glorifies God. Point Blank!

So, I owe apologies to my family for foolishly blaming them for my problems and lack of growth. I am sorry that I always go back and dig up the past to try to figure out my current problems. Sure there are things that I wasn’t taught growing up…SO WHAT!!! No parent that I’ve met actually teaches EVERYTHING to their kids. If that were the case then the world wouldn’t need God to depend on Him.

From this point, I choose to remember the past but push on toward the future. I will remember the past to be as a testimony of what God has done.

Psalm 126