Human swing…bad idea

Let me set the scene for you. It was a drizzly Sunday afternoon. All of the family was gathered together watching the idiot box. Then, one by one, everyone seemed to clear out of the room. Gruff-to the store, Lovely-to get our groceries sans little Bear. Nana was passed out on the couch due to the post-surgery meds. So it is really just me and little bear. So we are playing and having a good time. She is laughing and cutting up and the same goes for me. We play “gimme five,” “copy-cat,” and “daddy, the human swing.” This is where our story goes awry.

So I’ve got little bear craddled in my arms like she is in a swing…her little honches in my hands and her back against my forearms. So I’m bent over swinging her between my legs. She was laughing and having a grand ole time. Until……. (enter dramatic orchestra hits….Brum Bhum Bhummmmmmm) my back popped and then cramped. I nearly dropped little bear. I took a knee and grumbled and grunted. I knew what had happened. A death-like heat burns my skin and through my lumbar region…then the pain hits. I quickly attempt to stand up and make it to the couch without dropping the baby. It works, but as I plopped down on the couch, the second crunch happens…and increases the pain.

So today, I look like a S man. My upper body is tilting to the right. I guess I should take advantage of my insurance and go to the chiroprator…or as Lovely says, “Crack-my-back-tor.”

Well, until next time…happy humpback to ya!!