Pennies from heaven…

So we at the University received our raises today. Yep the final numbers are in. I got a 2.85% raise. That amounts to about one cheap date (and I do mean cheap) at McDonald’s every two weeks or a ultra-cheap date @ a sit down place like Applebee’s once per month. Of course, don’t forget to tip…that’s at least five bucks, right? (That’s for all you bad, cheap-skate tippers that think that waiters make a killin’.)

Am I complaining? Well, it may sound like it, but I’m grateful. That means I give more when I tithe. That means that I can put one more dollar in the gas tank. It means that if I save the money that over the next year Lovely and I could take a very small weekend vacation.

You see, it may not seem to add up, but it does. I mean, over roughly 20 years I would have saved just over $12,000 just by saving my raise. And that is if I never got another raise.

Thank you, old University. May your halls forever be full.