What a Dreamly Wicked Day?!?

Today was born to be an absolutely amaz-i-fying day. The only real reason for that is that it began with God. He breathed today into exsistance. God knew what was to be unvieled today. Revelations that are way beyond human thought.

Another reason today was bound to be amazing??? It has been 5 months and 11 days of torture. Nearly 5 1/2 months of ownership that has been restrained. I have been making the payments on the car and insurance, but no way to actually drive the car due to the broken-down-ed-ness of the Bull-car (its a Taurus, by the way).

I had the vehicle towed to the garage on October 29 (just a mere three weeks and one day ago). After much confusion and, I’m sure, many explitives, she has been revived. What were the issues?

Faulty fuel pump
Cracked gas tank seal (which caused the fuel smell and could have caused an explosion)
Two bad Catalytic Converters
And two spark plugs and wires replaced

Here is the kicker…they are bringing the car to me. It isn’t very often that a mechanic shop would do this…unless it is a dealership. This is far from a dealership…complete with non-dealership prices.

At a dealership just the replacement of the Cata. Converters would be $2,400, not to mention the Fuel pump, gas tank seal, and plugs. I had a dealership tell me that to replace the spark plugs and wires, it would cost $250. HELL, NO! The parts only cost about $45. So you are gonna charge me $205 dollars just to put them on?!?

Anyway…The mechanic should be bringing the car any minute now. I most certainly can’t wait.

I’ll post new pics of the old car soon. Oh, my thanksgiving, i’ll be saying, “God, I am thankful that you have given us a way to get our car fixed. So now I’ll detail it on Thanksgiving (as opposed to actually spending time with family)!!!”

Post soon.

Taurus update

Not good, people. Not good.

They said that they can’t pinpoint the problem to just one issue.

The solution:
Replace the Mass Airflow Sensor to a tune of $413 + tax
Replace the spark plugs to a grand ol’ tune of $210 + tax

And then run another diagnostic (another $88) and see if there is anything else that comes back on the test.

Let me tell you people something. I’m ill. Not just mad, I’m nauseous. I have only had the car just over a year. Thirteen months to be exact.

This experience has been the worst. To be sold a lemon from someone you know. I’m trying to work through this. Until I can get the money together to pay for the repairs I’m just stuck paying out my wahzoo for gas.

So much for that few days of vacation.

Well, we’ll see what happens.