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For those that said that I wouldn’t stay away from blogging…okay…I’ll say it. YOU WERE RIGHT!!! I decided to scury back over to Blogger since they don’t have the practically nude ladies and other offensive ads.

So here is an update:

Shady, Little Bear, and I are getting settled in to the new place. We took a trip to the Park up the road from the house a couple of weeks ago and Shady and I took a load of pictures. Bear is growing like a honkin’ weed. Now at 3 1/2 months old she is wearing 6-9 months clothes. She is standing up with help and is trying to crawl. (I do have video of crawling and plenty of pics of her standing.) Other than that, Samford is treating me well. They heard that I took a second part-time job on top of my full-time day job. (Full-time day – Samford’s Loan Office, #1 Part-time – Teaching a guitar class @ Samford, #2 Part-time – Waiting tables @ a Mexican restuarant) The guy over the guitar lessons asked me to find more students to get me away from the server job. We are planning to have two to three guitar classes going by June 2007. That would be a God-send.

Anyway. Other news:

My brother and his lovely are expecting here in the coming weeks (not months). Their “due date” is March 27, but as we all know, Baby BAC can come @ anytime. I can’t wait to get the call. I’ll be uncle el toro. I may have to come up with a alternate name. There are too many “mikes” in this world.

Well, enough schpeeling for now. Must get back to the job.

Until next time…