So long sweet girl.

She was so sweet, yet so ornery. She was Bi-Polar without a doubt.

She would sit in your lap and cuddle one minute and then bite you, hiss, and run down the hall and puke.

We met in Gadsden in the dwelling of the ForrestGreen Road.

You hated me…I was repulsed by you.

It was 4 months of hell for both of us.

You would sit in my spot and not move.

I would move you.

You would bite.

You were transferred down the hall.

You puked.

Finally, we realized that we were both misunderstood.

Neglected one way or another.

That began a wonder-filled three and a half years of cuddles and spit baths and leg rubbing.

You starting losing weight and I knew something was wrong. I held you as much as I could…when I could find you.

Today, you have been gone for five days. My heart is torn. When you have such a connection it is hard to let go. I know that you are gone. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there when you decided to say “goodbye.” I wish I had one more evening with you in my lap. Just cuddling. Just enjoying each other’s company and watching TV.

I’ll miss you, sweet girl. I’ll make a monument for you. You deserve it.