Parenthood Bliss

Something happens to you when you have a kid. I think I’m still too close to it to know everything that happens, but I’m trying to work through it. Maybe it is in the late night cries of your little one. Maybe it is part of completely rethinking and restructuring everything you thought you had settled in your pre-marital counseling sessions. Maybe it is the strong smell of the morning poopy diaper your kid had…or scraping it off of said child. Maybe it is the sense of helplessness you experience after you’ve tried everything and your child still cries and you can’t figure out what they need. These things may seem negative but they are growing experiences.

When your baby cries…they need you because they lack the strength and ability to help themselves or use words to tell you what is wrong. When the baby comes and you find out that you aren’t the person you thought you were (one way or the other) then you have to turn to God to get strength and ability. You have to rethink! You have to restructure! I’ve heard people say “Life won’t ever be the same!” like it’s a bad thing. I’m sorry that they had a bad experience. Maybe they didn’t take the chance to grow up or to get over themselves. It is in the helplessness of inexperience that you…the parent…have to hit your knees and cry out to God for his wisdom and discernment on how to raise this child…the precious child that he has given to you to raise, train, teach, discipline, and love.

So to all who are staring at the door to parenthood…you can’t be ready. No book can teach you. Sure, being more informed is wise, but you’ll never be ready until your baby is here. Then you will react in a way that you thought you didn’t know you could. I liken it to loosely to Luke Skywalker training with Yoda in Episode 5 of Star Wars. Luke goes into the cave to face his fear. Yoda told him he wasn’t ready. When he goes in, he finds out that Vader and he are closer than he thinks. He is shaken almost to the point of quitting.

Being a parent is not easy, but the reward is so much greater than the sacrifice. I guess I could see why Christ would love us enough to lay His life down for us. The reward was much greater than the sacrifice.

Just a few thoughts.

Author: ProdigalMike

Follower of Jesus Christ. Husband of one woman. Father of four. Worshipper. God has been continually molding me into a worship leader over the last 21 years. I am on a musical journey with my family to become more like Christ. Join in!

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