Bye bye boots

So my wife and I just took a quick trip to North Alabama and Middle Tennessee on Wednesday. We had dropped the kiddos off at the grands’ house. So it was just the two if us…well, the three of us, counting baby Hosanna.
We left BHM right after I clocked out from work on Tuesday pm. Once we reached North AL we found a nice hotel and checked in for the night.
In the a.m. we checked out and made our way to our various tasks for the day on Wednesday. It wasn’t until Thursday am that I realized I had left something VERY important. My boots. Why are they important? Well, they are my only pair of shoes that I can wear to work. They were the best. A pair of black, steel-toe swat boots.
Oh, well. I guess I’ll just have to try to find another pair. Until then, my toes are not protected.
Until the next random blog post.


I have been neglecting the blog-a-loo here. I have started a new weight-loss blog at so you can go and check it out. It is just my journey through losing weight and getting healthy again. By the way, that journey has just recently begun so there isn’t as much there.

-As for an update, the beard growing is going well. As of today, I am on Day 96 and am looking QUITE bushy.

-Lovely and I are approaching week 28 of our pregnancy with our fourth little’en and yes, we are excited about it.

-The Village is still rocking and rolling (not crack rocking and weed rolling) along. We opened up the Downtown Church as a facility to house more guys. We now float between 45 – 50 guys. All the guys need help with getting their life back on track. While some are further along in the process, they all…strike that, WE all need help and a whole ton of Jesus.

Between a new life coming and getting healthy so I can hopefully see more days…life is grand. Not without drama, but it is grand. Besides, God is still God whether I am 800 lbs without kids too. Without God, I wouldn’t be here at all. Thank you for your love and sacrifice of sending Your Son to us.

24 + 16 = ???

I never really thought that math could be so amazing and abstract. I was taught that 1+1 is ALWAYS 2. And that 2×2 is ALWAYS 4. But it really isn’t so. See if you get my drift…


3+1= 6

=) > 0+

These are just a few things that come to mind. Let me explain…

As of tomorrow (in about an hour from now) we will be 24 weeks pregnant. That will mean that we have about 16 weeks until our new baby will be here. That will make us a family of four and we also have two children that are ahead of us and worshiping Jesus.

Raygen, Bonnie, and myself will be adding the new baby to our family name, so really that will make us a family of 6. We will never forget our children who are with Jesus. They mean the world to us.

Psalm 127 – Blessed is the man whose quiver is full.

I am looking forward to seeing, laying hands on, and praying over our newborn in the coming months.

Buddy, I am still praying over your name. Your mom-mom has already picked out your name if you are a little girl. It is a beautiful name, sure to match the beauty that God has already placed in you. I will give you your name if you are a little boy. It is a secret. I already have picked out your first name. It is a mighty name, worthy of the calling that God is placing on your life and your heart right now…even in your mom-mom’s tummy. I bless you as you grow. I pray that you will listen as God speaks to you and that you will know God’s voice well.

Thoughts on life and death

These are just initial thoughts, mind you…

I heard the other evening that a beloved radio personality (Rick Burgess of Rick & Bubba Inc.) lost the life of his two-year old son over the weekend. On hearing this news, I was really taken back. I was in shock for a while. You know, you hear of people going through stuff like this everyday…My grandma passed away, my father passed away, but it just so terribly heartbreaking when a child passes away. I mean, they didn’t even really get to live life. They will never know love within a marriage. They will never get the thrill of watching their children being born. They will never know the experience of a high school or college graduation. Of course, as one of the radio guys said this morning, “…they will never know the pain of heartbreak in a relationship. They will never know the pain of burying a parent. They will never know the pain of being teased at school…” While these things are true…the Burgess family also talked to their son Bronner about Jesus on a consistant basis. He knew about Jesus and the love that He offers. The Burgess family is sure that Bronner is in heaven with Jesus right now.

So, thoughts…Life is a battlefield. Just like Joseph went through hardship and rejection from his brothers, he allowed God to turn every situation into a chance to bring glory to God, the Creator. God has equipped us with everything we need to make it through life. He gives us strength and authority through the Holy Spirit and through the blood of Christ. He gives us the truth we can call on for encouragement and a weapon against the enemy. God gives us maturity through all of these situations. And when you feel like you are lacking all you have to do is ask. (Matt 7, James 1)

Death of the human body…to the family and friends absolutely is heart-wrenching. In Christ, death of the human body is beginning of worship and adoration in heaven…free from affliction and disease and pain.

So while there is hurt and pain on earth…try to rejoice in the fact that if your loved one called upon the name of God and was saved by the grace of God through the blood of Christ then he/she worshipping the King of Kings and Lord of Lords…right now!!! Just like our second baby is…

Parenthood Bliss

Something happens to you when you have a kid. I think I’m still too close to it to know everything that happens, but I’m trying to work through it. Maybe it is in the late night cries of your little one. Maybe it is part of completely rethinking and restructuring everything you thought you had settled in your pre-marital counseling sessions. Maybe it is the strong smell of the morning poopy diaper your kid had…or scraping it off of said child. Maybe it is the sense of helplessness you experience after you’ve tried everything and your child still cries and you can’t figure out what they need. These things may seem negative but they are growing experiences.

When your baby cries…they need you because they lack the strength and ability to help themselves or use words to tell you what is wrong. When the baby comes and you find out that you aren’t the person you thought you were (one way or the other) then you have to turn to God to get strength and ability. You have to rethink! You have to restructure! I’ve heard people say “Life won’t ever be the same!” like it’s a bad thing. I’m sorry that they had a bad experience. Maybe they didn’t take the chance to grow up or to get over themselves. It is in the helplessness of inexperience that you…the parent…have to hit your knees and cry out to God for his wisdom and discernment on how to raise this child…the precious child that he has given to you to raise, train, teach, discipline, and love.

So to all who are staring at the door to parenthood…you can’t be ready. No book can teach you. Sure, being more informed is wise, but you’ll never be ready until your baby is here. Then you will react in a way that you thought you didn’t know you could. I liken it to loosely to Luke Skywalker training with Yoda in Episode 5 of Star Wars. Luke goes into the cave to face his fear. Yoda told him he wasn’t ready. When he goes in, he finds out that Vader and he are closer than he thinks. He is shaken almost to the point of quitting.

Being a parent is not easy, but the reward is so much greater than the sacrifice. I guess I could see why Christ would love us enough to lay His life down for us. The reward was much greater than the sacrifice.

Just a few thoughts.