Verse of the Day – Colossians 3:23-24

"Whatever your task, put yourselves into it, as done for the Lord and not for your masters, since you know that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward; you serve the Lord Christ."

Colossians 3:23-24 (NRSV)

Prodigal Thoughts: There is a difference between who signs your paycheck and who you work for. No matter if you work for a company or if you are self-employed, as a believer in Christ Jesus, you work for the Lord. I was given the opportunity to relearn this a few years back. I was pretty much fed up with my job and found myself complaining a whole lot. So, I started putting out resumes and job hunting. It seemed that every job that I interviewed for had the pretty much the same demanding hours and exhaustive workload that I was trying to step away from with the job I was already working. Finally, one day I was sitting at my desk after an anxiety attack had just finished working me over and I hung my head and began to pray that God would either provide another job opportunity or that He would help me understand why I hadn’t been "released" from the job I was working. Patiently, God began to open my eyes and soften my heart toward the ministry opportunity within the company that I was working for at the time. It was a hard lesson to learn as I had to come to the realization that sometimes we find ourselves in situations so that God can grow us and reach out to the lives around us. He will meet us right where we are, if we will grant Him access. I can honestly say that while I still have difficult days, many of the people who read these posts are not only the ones that God meant for me to reach out to, but they reach out and encourage me.

Prayer for today: Today, I pray that we would ask God to open our eyes to see what His heart desires for us. That we would warmly welcome the process of our heavenly Father teaching us and growing us into mature Christians. I pray that we would be agents of grace as we learn to love being content in all things.

If you need prayer, please reply and I will pray for you. If you would like to talk about this verse or have questions, I’m always open for your feedback.

God’s grace on you…

Author: ProdigalMike

Follower of Jesus Christ. Husband of one woman. Father of four. Worshipper. God has been continually molding me into a worship leader over the last 21 years. I am on a musical journey with my family to become more like Christ. Join in!

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