Thoughts of the day…

Today. Hmm… Let’s see.

This is some of whats been cruizin’ through the bald noggin’ today…

What is giblet gravy made with the lungs, hearts, and other “innards” of the bird being baked.

How long is it before I will enter into grad school?

How hard is the GRE REALLY going to be?

Is four months enough time to get all my ducks in a row?

Man, I love playing my guitar. (Thanks Uncle B.) I wish I was playing and writing right now.

Storytellers is on Friday night. This Friday night. OH CRAP!!! I still don’t have much music. I hope they will still ask me back.

Is this what its like when you play on the road all the time and writing music for the next CD project?

If I ever started playing out like that I think I would want to stay unsigned. Or if Dave Barnes made a label, I would sign with him…if I was good enough.

Man, this paperwork is driving me batty. it just doesn’t stop. It keeps piling up and piling up and BLOGGING ISN’T MAKING IT GO AWAY.

Think of a happy place…a happy place…a happy place…

A home? A place of our own? Transportation that is dependable that isn’t astronomical in gas consumption. Financial peace. Free summers. Friday night football games and Saturday competitions.

Little Bear and Lovely’s birthdays. Hmmm. What about that?

Flowers? Mani/Pedi? Not just a meal together. Over the birthdays and holidays and all of the last 18 years or so has made eating so commonplace that it isn’t a celebratory thing anymore.

Hmmmm….Thoughts of today.

There’s more. Lots more, but only a few more minutes before I go home to Lovely and Little Bear.

Those are happy thoughts.

Yep. Happy thoughts.