Me, My Buddy, My Guitar, and the Gov.

So this weekend was action packed!!! I had a lot for the time that was allotted for “the weekend.” None of it was dull….

So one of my college buddies had sent me a message over Facebook about a month ago. Said he needed a tutorial on some guitar electronics and also a fresh approach to playing guitar. (Skip to Friday…) He picked me up from work and we jetted over to the church for a glance at his new effects processor, a Line6 PodXT pedal board. I must confess, I did like it. After only a few moments, it was fairly easy to navigate. We spent a couple hours on programming and trying sounds that he would need for his upcoming “gig”. Afterwards, we trailed back to the CityView Loft to grab some MEAN grub (that my awesome and fantastically super Lovely cooked up for us) and some ZZZs. Saturday was a 2.5 hour guitar lesson that began with a Mountain Dew, some Reese Cups, and a Coke and ended with loud guitars and one dead voice…mine. We thanked each other and he drove off back to his homestead.

Soon it was time to get ready to go to the Gov’s house for the quarterly birthday dinner. (It’s a long story, but a brief glimpse at this confusing epic…I, by marriage, and now related to a former Governor of Alabama. Our collective family is so HUGE that we get together 4 times each year in order to make sure that we don’t miss anyone’s birthday.) So Saturday was the Birthday Dinner for the Jan., Feb, and March birthdays (mine included). I had never played my guitar and sung before for that side of the family in the nearly 5 years that I’ve been married to Lovely. So I promised that I would play. Within a song or two, I had nearly 20 people singing Lynard Skynard’s Freebird with a couple of the kids holding their cell phones up like they were at a concert. In between songs, I played bits and pieces of requested tunes like the intro to “Stairway to Heaven” and “On the Road Again.” Also there was a generous amount of songs played by James Taylor and also a requested “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe. After this, my voice was shot. We had a BLAST!!!

On to Sunday, we had an awesome time at church with a challenging message based on Mark 6 and Luke 4 and respect and honor to God and the blood of Christ. There was also the heart-felt worship time. (Downloads of sermons will be uploaded soon. Click here to link to download page.) I’ll divulge into my thoughts on the sermon a little later…another blog entry perhaps…

This weekend was fantastic and wonderful gift. I was surrounded by all of the things that push me and encourage me. I had plenty of time with Lovely and Lil’ Bear and loved on them. Old friendships updated, family gatherings, and plenty of playing music.

Weekendings Oct 12-14

This weekend was quite awesome. There was much fun and excitement that was had.

Lovely and Little Bear shared a birthday on Friday the 12th. Little Bear, One year old, Lovely, several years passed the quarter-century mark.

Friday night was a date night for Lovely and I. We went to a wing place and dived into some wings and other fried things. Once our sodium levels and blood pressure was higher than normal, we decided to watch a movie. Elizabeth: The Golden Age. GREAT MOVIE!!! I didn’t think I’d like it, but it was quite good. We finally zipped back across the metro area back to the house. It was a great time where we just talked and spent time dreaming and loving each other. It was almost as beautiful as Lovely…almost.

Saturday was a whole different treat. The Catoe three went out to get the stuff for Little Bear’s Dedication & One Year Cookie party at church. Cookies galore and juice. Then back to the hacienda so I could get a chapter or two of the GRE studying under my belt.

Sunday was fun-filled and crazy. Pastor Rodney handled Little Bear’s dedication and did a fantastic job. After the service we all got together and munched on cookies and other sugar-laden favorites and sipped some punch. We watched Little Bear as she tore into her cake. She loved it!!! Everyone cheered her on as she dove face first into the icing and cake. Then after a family photo the majority went to the Garden of Olives to have a lunch gathering. Little Bear opened her color party book, Bentley chewed on a lemon, Nana and Gruff handled the breadsticks, Glammie and Munk glowed at their first grandchild, Kris and LBC held down one end of the table and Lovely and I held down the other.

Once home, there was gratuitous nappage and following that was a viewing of the nearly 4 hour Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Great weekend, I must say. No fajitas burned me. No yelling from my boss at the restaurant. No threatening of taking away my tips. No yellow shirt and black apron.


Oh, just in case, I’ll get my photos up on Flickr as soon as I can.

Rocks hurt my teeth!!!

I love being married to my Lovely. Today she is officially $29.99 plus tax…so happy Day to you.

She has brought joy and laughter to my heart and soul. Why? How? You ask?

Well, she can make up a jingle for a product in three tenths of a second. She has some of the funniest looks that she gives me. And she comes up with the hilarious ideas for marketable designs or random t-shirt ideas.

Here are a few:

I water my ladder with cactus water.

Rocks hurt my teeth.

Monkeys are only children needing Nair.


Thank you Lovely for making life so fun and full of giggles.

Oh, by the way, Little Bear is also having a birthday today. She is now One year old. I love you, precious. You are more beautiful is day. Popi is proud of you and longs to see you grow up to know and love the God of Harold, Ronald, and Michael.