Catching up…

So it has been a good long while since I really blogged here. It has been crazy, off the chain, kind of crazy.

Anyway (drama). Life is going at an incredible rate!!!! Little Bear is growing up like a honkin’ weed. Lovely is more lovely today than even yesterday. I am about 70 days into growing my beard-rat back. As you or may not have read, the Uber-Gnome family is expecting another Gnome-let. Yup. That’s right. Late October or early November is the proposed time of arrival for said gnome-let.

We are thrilled and excited that God would bless us like this. It is amazing, childbirth is. We will, but we can’t wait…

In other new, I’ve added one more gnome-year to my age. That makes me 360 gnome years old now. (That’s 30 human years.) I am beginning to “play some trombone” when I read, but I think it is funny. I used to (and still do) make fun of my dad for having to adjust his arm in order to read.

Other than that??? It looks like another round of guitar classes are about to begin at SU. Even though I will be vacating the day job with them I will still be teaching guitar at night.

Life really is exciting right now. Unpredictable, but exciting.

Me, My Buddy, My Guitar, and the Gov.

So this weekend was action packed!!! I had a lot for the time that was allotted for “the weekend.” None of it was dull….

So one of my college buddies had sent me a message over Facebook about a month ago. Said he needed a tutorial on some guitar electronics and also a fresh approach to playing guitar. (Skip to Friday…) He picked me up from work and we jetted over to the church for a glance at his new effects processor, a Line6 PodXT pedal board. I must confess, I did like it. After only a few moments, it was fairly easy to navigate. We spent a couple hours on programming and trying sounds that he would need for his upcoming “gig”. Afterwards, we trailed back to the CityView Loft to grab some MEAN grub (that my awesome and fantastically super Lovely cooked up for us) and some ZZZs. Saturday was a 2.5 hour guitar lesson that began with a Mountain Dew, some Reese Cups, and a Coke and ended with loud guitars and one dead voice…mine. We thanked each other and he drove off back to his homestead.

Soon it was time to get ready to go to the Gov’s house for the quarterly birthday dinner. (It’s a long story, but a brief glimpse at this confusing epic…I, by marriage, and now related to a former Governor of Alabama. Our collective family is so HUGE that we get together 4 times each year in order to make sure that we don’t miss anyone’s birthday.) So Saturday was the Birthday Dinner for the Jan., Feb, and March birthdays (mine included). I had never played my guitar and sung before for that side of the family in the nearly 5 years that I’ve been married to Lovely. So I promised that I would play. Within a song or two, I had nearly 20 people singing Lynard Skynard’s Freebird with a couple of the kids holding their cell phones up like they were at a concert. In between songs, I played bits and pieces of requested tunes like the intro to “Stairway to Heaven” and “On the Road Again.” Also there was a generous amount of songs played by James Taylor and also a requested “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe. After this, my voice was shot. We had a BLAST!!!

On to Sunday, we had an awesome time at church with a challenging message based on Mark 6 and Luke 4 and respect and honor to God and the blood of Christ. There was also the heart-felt worship time. (Downloads of sermons will be uploaded soon. Click here to link to download page.) I’ll divulge into my thoughts on the sermon a little later…another blog entry perhaps…

This weekend was fantastic and wonderful gift. I was surrounded by all of the things that push me and encourage me. I had plenty of time with Lovely and Lil’ Bear and loved on them. Old friendships updated, family gatherings, and plenty of playing music.


Last night was fantastic. As soon as I finished up at work in the Loan Office, I took off to grab a bottle of water from the bookstore. I managed to convince myself that I needed a sharpie as well. So…as I was leaving the bookstore, I recognized someone. Who? Well, I’ll tell you in a few more minutes.

I gingerly walked over to the young man and asked, “Hey, could you do me a favor?”

Mystery person: “Uh, sure. What can I help you out with, man?”

Gingerly: “Would you sign my guitar?!?”

Mystery person: “Sure!!! I’d be glad to do that for you!”

We chatted a little bit about my guitar, the fact that mice don’t really grow on trees, he looks different in normal dress than in his Superman Suit, and if I was going to sell my guitar now that he had signed it.

I told him that I had absolutely no intentions of selling my guitar. Especially since he had signed it. I told him that I had to run and hated the fact that I would miss most of his concert, but that I would come up and check it out as soon as I finished teaching my guitar class. He thanked me for taking a minute, I did the same.

Who was it, you may ask??? DAVE BARNES!!!

Who’s Dave Barnes? What, you don’t know, Dave?

Well, he does have a lot of faces. Maybe you know Granny or Superman or Dahweed Barness.
Either way, the guy is fantastic, down to earth, and an all around funny guy.
So now that the Yamaha is signed, that makes both of my guitars autographed by famous people. the Yamaha is signed by Dave Barnes and the Epi Zephyr is signed by Benny Garcia. I’m two for two.
I either have to get another guitar to have signed or just start letting everyone sign the Yamaha.

Call it what you want…Just not…

Hump Day.

Well, some people (mostly my mom) calls days like today Hump Day because it is Wednesday and the week is theoretically downhill from the time you clock on Wednesday until you clock out on Friday. I think I’ll call it something random. Like…

This week has posed its’ interesting-ful-ness-alun-a-potomus. Again, my super (SuperGB) has been away for the week attending a work-related thing. SGB’s schedule is more gruelling than mine. Of course, I get to deal with the people while he isn’t here.

Besides all that negativity, I have had a fairly productive week. Prepping all the forms for the end of the semester, answering questions by transferring a caller to a completely random extension, unintentionally making people mad that sign for a loan that don’t realize that they aren’t signed up for enough hours to actually receive the loan. You know…everyday stuffis.

Tonight I am hoping to finally sit down with the ole guitar and work up a tune or two. I am wanting to start playing out again. I am a good bit away. I know that I’ll need somewhere around 40 tunes or so to last a 3 hour set. I am trying to steer away from the James Taylor, Paul Simon, and other softer music. I want to incorporate more “lively” music that is slightly reworked for coffee house tunage. (I am taking song suggestions, by the way.)

I’ll post my gigs on all the normal places…Facebook, MySpace, and right here!!!