Bye bye boots

So my wife and I just took a quick trip to North Alabama and Middle Tennessee on Wednesday. We had dropped the kiddos off at the grands’ house. So it was just the two if us…well, the three of us, counting baby Hosanna.
We left BHM right after I clocked out from work on Tuesday pm. Once we reached North AL we found a nice hotel and checked in for the night.
In the a.m. we checked out and made our way to our various tasks for the day on Wednesday. It wasn’t until Thursday am that I realized I had left something VERY important. My boots. Why are they important? Well, they are my only pair of shoes that I can wear to work. They were the best. A pair of black, steel-toe swat boots.
Oh, well. I guess I’ll just have to try to find another pair. Until then, my toes are not protected.
Until the next random blog post.