I was trying for sabbatical…I don’t know if that came across right. Oh well, doesn’t matter.

Just an FYI, I’ll be away from blogger until Monday. Now, if you want to check out my blog because it is such an awesome hub of info, then, cool. But if you just check up on me, you can take a break.

I’ll be stickin’ my toes in sand for a couple of days. I’ll try to post pics after I get back. (operative word is try)

Ya’ll have an awesome time working. I’m takin’ off tonight down to the sandy shores of the Gulf. WOOOO FREAKIN’ HOOOOO!!!

Having kids changes things

So Shady and I are just over five months into our first child. Poopy Diapies? No problem. Spit up all over…nothing. Less sleep (about 4-5 hours)…You get used to it. Changing the babies clothes…Cake. Date night like it used to be? Date night? Anyone? Nothing. Before I go any further let me just proclaim to the top of the keyboard’s lungs that little bear is a delight! She is 95% sweet and the rest is needing to eat, change a poopy diapie, or having a gas-y belly.

Shady and I would like a couple of hours to just get away and “reconnect.” I hoping for a little break this weekend. Just some coffee…or a modest meal…or a little time at the park on the swings or something. Just some time where we can flirt with each other and respark the flame. Rekindle the marriage. Heat up the kitchen.

I’ll let ya know how everything goes. I usually do.

By the by, the past two days or so have been much better than say Monday or Tuesday.