Hello from the great state of…


The beard growing still continues. See, this is where if I were in the Whiskerino contest that I would be kicked out of the contest. I haven’t posted a beard pic in over 10 days now. So is that a huge issue? Nope. Not to me. Actually, I am still growing and am on Day 24 as of today.

Other than that, I have been on vacation with my wife and our little girl. We drove out to Texas to visit with family that we have out there. They have been gracious to let us take up a bedroom of theirs and eat some of their food. We have had a blast. We went to the Dallas Zoo on Tuesday and have just relaxed and taken it easy for the rest of the week. We have spent most days on the front porch of their beautiful home blowing bubbles with Bonnie, our little girl. This week has been a much needed break from the Village and the rest of the grind that is everyday life. With putting in close to 85+ hours per week into the Village and trying to spend time with family between the drama that comes from said Village guys, it is a drain on anyone’s energy. I am grateful for the staff that have allowed me to have the time off to just relax and heal up from all of the time that I didn’t sleep. Sure this next week will probably hit me like a ton of freakin’ bricks, but at least I would have gotten some rest before hand.

Well, I am going to go and grab the last nap for today. Tomorrow we drive back to BHM. I hate to see this vacation end, but if anyone could just stay on vacation and get paid I don’t think that it would still feel like a vacation. A man must work to provide for his family. If he doesn’t…shame on him.

Vacation Sept 2007

We had a grand ole time.

I sent Lovely and Little Bear down on Sunday, the 9th to the Grand Gulf of the Shores. They rode down with Gruff and Nani. They swam and played. We found out that Little Bear wants nothing to do with the sand or the ocean.

I finally joined on Wednesday. I drive down in the Gas Saver after work. With all of the lines of storms passing through that area I finally arrived a few minutes after 11 p.m. (It was intense and the Gas Saver only has a radio so music was slim pickens. Mostly country. But, hey, it kept me awake…nauseous, but awake.) Cousins Collin, Steph, Caleb, and Aunt Judy M. all joined in by Thursday.

Thursday was a breath of fresh air. We hit the pool like there is no tomorrow. Played and swam until Little Bear was nearly falling asleep. We went in and grabbed a nap, got up, got ready, and off to Lambert’s Restaurant (where I proceeded to gag over the taste of the mashed potatoes and most everything else on my wife’s plate.

Friday was kind of odd. I woke up fairly late (thanks Lovely for letting me sleep in some). I sipped on some coffee and chewed some breakfast after Noni and Gruff headed back home. Within minutes of getting my swimsuit on Lovely announces that we have entered the Nap Gap. We were stuck. Little Bear wasn’t havin’ any kind of activity other than a huge nap. So later on, after Bear woke up, we got ready and had a little family evening. We hit the Original Oyster House where we proceeded to not have one oyster. They had great fish, so we ate that. Earlier we jetted around town to see what all was around. We hit the Souvenir City and picked up a few…souvenirs.

Saturday. It was our last full day of vacation BUT IT WAS JAMMED PACKED!!!! We swam a minute. Got ready. Hit the ole Starbucks. Woo Hoo!!! Grabbed some local pizza at Crico’s Pizza. And then off to the Alabama Gulf Zoo for a whiz-bang of a time getting up close and personal with the animals. We later joined Munk, Glammie, Uncle Fris, and Aunt Laura at Lulu’s. (And yes, Lulu is Jimmy Buffett’s sister or something…some relation.) We had some kickin’ food and then off to Munk and Glammie’s condo rental for some Guitar Hero fun and visiting with family.

Sunday was rushed. Everyone trying to clean up and get out of the room by the 10 a.m. check out time. We spent some time over at the Tanger Outlet but ended up leaving. (I had hurt my back on Friday and was hurting too badly to keep walking.) So around 12ish, we load up for the slow journey home. Back to the routine. Back to the crazy hours and all.

I was grateful for the break. It was much needed and I think well-deserved. Thanks Noni and Gruff for the week on the Shores. And thanks Munk and Glammie for pickin’ up everyone’s tab at Lulu’s. And thanks Kris for the intro to Guitar Hero…

But more importantly, thanks family for being awesome and wonderful. You all are beautiful people and while we are all still family and get on each other’s nerves…I love ya.

And by the way…there were a lot more stories that could’ve been told, but I refrained to keep the anonymity of some.

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I was trying for sabbatical…I don’t know if that came across right. Oh well, doesn’t matter.

Just an FYI, I’ll be away from blogger until Monday. Now, if you want to check out my blog because it is such an awesome hub of info, then, cool. But if you just check up on me, you can take a break.

I’ll be stickin’ my toes in sand for a couple of days. I’ll try to post pics after I get back. (operative word is try)

Ya’ll have an awesome time working. I’m takin’ off tonight down to the sandy shores of the Gulf. WOOOO FREAKIN’ HOOOOO!!!

Homeward bound!!!!

Well, it looks like the old Taurus is going to be heading home within the next few days. Fixed? Nope. We’re just towing it back home. I just can’t swallow the $620+ to do two repairs that isn’t guaranteed to fix the car. I can do those repairs myself with only $200 out of my pocket. Of course, if that doesn’t fix it I’ll have to get a Code machine and run a code diagnostic on it to see if anything else pops up.

I hope that this will be an easy fix. I really do want to go on vacation. If I can’t get it fixed, then the rest of the family (including Lovely and little Bear) will go on vacation and I guess I’ll just work. I guess that is no different from the usual.

Anyway. We should have some answers on this issue pretty soon. I just hope that all of the salvage yard parts that were bought actually work and I don’t have to replace them with the new parts. (Note: I didn’t buy salvage parts…maybe for a broken window or headlight or radio, but never anything to do with the actual engine workings of the car.) Maybe I’ll be pimpin’ in the Taurus within the next two weeks. I hope so…even if the air doesn’t blow icey cold. I mean, at least I would be driving in the car that I’m making stupid payments on, yeah?