Sorry for the switch, good people.

I donned the Mike the Bull (miguel el toro) when I was working at the restaurant. There were 3 Mikes that worked there, so I had to change it up a little. There was Miguel (the cook), Miguel/Michael/Mike (the cook’s son and manager), and then me. They called me Miguel due to my learning to speak Spanish there. So we decided to leave Miguel the cook’s name as it was. Miguel/Michael/Mike the manager became Todo (which means everything), and the I became el Toro. Since I’m no longer working there (and haven’t in several months) I will cast off the name and for the new year, give myself a new, more valiant name.

Mike, the Uber-Gnome!!!

I’m only calling myself “Uber” because I am taller than your average gnome. That and as I grow my beard out I begin to take on a Gnome-like semblance.

Please stay tuned to the Gnome-tastic blog entries. And also stay tuned for more gnomey fun.