Catching up…

So it has been a good long while since I really blogged here. It has been crazy, off the chain, kind of crazy.

Anyway (drama). Life is going at an incredible rate!!!! Little Bear is growing up like a honkin’ weed. Lovely is more lovely today than even yesterday. I am about 70 days into growing my beard-rat back. As you or may not have read, the Uber-Gnome family is expecting another Gnome-let. Yup. That’s right. Late October or early November is the proposed time of arrival for said gnome-let.

We are thrilled and excited that God would bless us like this. It is amazing, childbirth is. We will, but we can’t wait…

In other new, I’ve added one more gnome-year to my age. That makes me 360 gnome years old now. (That’s 30 human years.) I am beginning to “play some trombone” when I read, but I think it is funny. I used to (and still do) make fun of my dad for having to adjust his arm in order to read.

Other than that??? It looks like another round of guitar classes are about to begin at SU. Even though I will be vacating the day job with them I will still be teaching guitar at night.

Life really is exciting right now. Unpredictable, but exciting.


Sorry for the switch, good people.

I donned the Mike the Bull (miguel el toro) when I was working at the restaurant. There were 3 Mikes that worked there, so I had to change it up a little. There was Miguel (the cook), Miguel/Michael/Mike (the cook’s son and manager), and then me. They called me Miguel due to my learning to speak Spanish there. So we decided to leave Miguel the cook’s name as it was. Miguel/Michael/Mike the manager became Todo (which means everything), and the I became el Toro. Since I’m no longer working there (and haven’t in several months) I will cast off the name and for the new year, give myself a new, more valiant name.

Mike, the Uber-Gnome!!!

I’m only calling myself “Uber” because I am taller than your average gnome. That and as I grow my beard out I begin to take on a Gnome-like semblance.

Please stay tuned to the Gnome-tastic blog entries. And also stay tuned for more gnomey fun.

Gnomes, Beards, and the Fantastic Four

The past couple of weeks I have had this infatuation with gnomes. I try to bring up the topic at least once each day. Why? Well, why not? It’s random, that’s pretty much all of the reason I need to bring up something random.

So I was meeting with some guys last night at the new BAM in the part of town I live in. After there were comments about the overgrowth of my beard, me spilling about 12.5 ounces of my Decaf Coffee with a shot of Amaretto flavoring, and cleaning up said spill, there was mention of gnomes. Now one person mentioned that I bring up gnomes because I look like one. Ouch! I retorted with a resounding “We’ll, I could look like Santa Claus.” and realized that all I lack is a white beard and a red suit (since I have gained a few pounds back). I regressed after that. Well, until one guys says something about wanting to get a 12-string guitar. The conversation reverted to gnome-en-clature. you have the Travelling Gnome, garden gnomes, and we collectively brainstormed that we should get a fodder bag and hang it from the headstock of the guitar. When (not if) one of the strings goes out of tune, the Tuning Gnome would just reach up and adjust the correct tuner. GREAT IDEA, AYE???!!!!! I wish I could get a picture of that one!!! HA!!!

So today, with spending a few minutes looking at pictures of gnomes on my lunch break, trying to find the best ones to put on the blog, I realized that I DO, in fact, look like a giant gnome. My beard seems to be getting somewhat gnarly and rough-looking. I’ve been growing it because Lovely and Little Bear love it. That and there is a certain pride that comes with the ability to grow a full beard like mine. Most guys just slobber on themselves and mutter with a gasp, “Your beard is so full! My facial hair just grows in plugs or splotchs.” (my own brother included!) So do I continue growing the chin-beast or do I succumb to the pressures of those that look less like a giant garden gnome and more like the baby-faced suit geeks?

I SAY…………

Oh, the Fantastic Four? Never seen it. No real reason why I put it in the title other than the fact that its random. See how it works???