Quick Multi-Update!!!!

What keeps me going today: My To Do list @ work
What moves my feet today: Good tunes and lots of coffee
I could do without: Adding on more hours

Okay, here is a quick update for all interested or concerned.

The Taurus: Is FINALLY being towed back to the house tomorrow. Yes the recall item is fixed, BUT it still doesn’t run. That’s alright, though. We already have one of the parts (thank you O’Reilly’s Auto Parts) that we need. Although the dealership couldn’t guarantee that the MAP sensor and new plugs would fix it, the replacement of those parts could fix the car. I’ll just say this…we are one step closer to having the Taurus back and running again. Woo Hoo!!!

The Blogger: I finally figured out how to fix the NO COMMENT issue. Did Blogger actually help? Nope! I figured out on my own while updated the layout.


to BloggerHelp.

So good friends and readers of the Miguel el Toro blog, comment on!!!


Okay, folks. Please comment away. I took the comments off, but it was a lapse in judgement.

Enjoy the blog – for those that read it…and look for more YouTube clips as I just figured out how to add them to my blog. (I am not a techy at all. I am the Anti-Techy!!!! RRRRrrrhhhhaaaa!!!)

I have missed your words and thoughts. Be encouraged to comment away…unless it is just a stupid comment that I would probably delete…then don’t comment.

Just kidding.

Happy Bloggin’!