Update on The List

Okay, so here I am just over 2 months after I posted “the List” the first time. So looking back at it, where do i find myself? Well, let’s see…

  • Above Reproach – I think that this is much better. I am finding in ministry (the Village) that I am constantly under watch and a careful ear.
  • Not under compulsion to serve, but voluntary – I am still a bit reluctant at times to step in like this, yet it is situational.
  • The husband of one wife – Yes. Still deal with thoughts like most guys…it is still sin and it has to be called out as sin. Making much more effort on this one.
  • Not out for sordid gain, but serving with eagerness – serving with eagerness? A bit of improvement on this one. I am learning the difference though of taking on service and it being laid on your plate because no one else wants to do it.
  • Prudent – I think this is coming along nicely. Results…getting things in order to attend seminary in the coming months. God is opening doors here. It is great to see that.
  • Not self-willed – Seeking God’s will, but managing to bumble it up from time to time
  • Respectable – I am learning to respect what God has put to life…self included. This one…he answer has changed from “i don’t respect myself, how can someone else” to and “Yes, but it is only due to God alone.”
  • Not quick tempered – I still bumble this one a bit, but I’m not as jump out and blow up on you. God is showing me a good deal about the fact that if you encourage and lift up others above yourself, then it is hard to get “quick tempered” at them.
  • Not lording over those in his authority, but proving to be examples – I think I am getting a glimpse of what this means. Think I am fairing alright on this one. I still jump into more of an “I’m the good guy and you are just an addict/ex-con/lowly person” on occasion, but the more that I watch the Village guys change, I see that they are a few steps ahead of me due to being more willing to accept their wrongs. Then I realize that my eye REALLY hurts since I have a LOG in it.
  • Hospitable – Yep. I am loving to absolutely love others and want better for them. Willing to open my heart and hands to help that happen.
  • Not addicted to wine – By the grace of God, I am not addicted, though i do sleep a bit better after one drink. If it will cause someone to stumble I pass it on by.
  • Able to teach – I am still working on this one…of course, I think even the greatest teachers do. Each situation at the Village shows me what I know and reminds me of how much I have to learn.
  • Not pugnacious – Had to look this up again…less combative now. Able to see my own faults.
  • Not fond of sordid gain – I don’t care to have a huge paycheck. God sustains.
  • Gentle – vast improvement.
  • Lover of what is good – Yes. I try to reflect several times a day and remind myself of the goal or purpose for that day is. After handling a situation I will ask myself if that pointed toward the redemptive nature of God? If not, I go back and try again.
  • Uncontentious – much better about this. I get frustrated that people refuse to accept God’s grace and love, but it doesn’t come to blows or anything.
  • Sensible – yes. much more than two months ago.
  • Free from the love of money – yes. i don’t think I ever want a huge amount of money. if it happened I would just turn it around to help someone else.
  • Just – getting much better on this one. pairing it with self-controll and slow to anger…good combo.
  • Manages his household well – this is something that is getting much better. Thanks to my boss man at the Village, I am now able to take a bit of extra time on the weekends and all. Sad that sometimes family time has to be scheduled because it seems like family should take more of a priority, but in the given situation, it makes sense to schedule family time.
  • Devout – i think that anyone can act devout. I am reflecting a good bit more on what I read, hear, and deal with on a day-to-day basis.
  • Not a new convert – Trying to put away the childish things…
  • Self controlled – I get a lot less mad and more saddened at the state of people today. Understanding more about God’s grace and His desire for his people to call on him.
  • A good reputation with those outside the church – I would say I would have to ask someone else. I know what I am told, but that is not for me to judge.
  • Holds fast the faithful Word—both to exhort and to refute – I am really working on using the more encouraging words that God gives, especially to those that it is plain to see that don’t know God. His word is amazing and I never can read it enough.

I would say that God is really working on my heart. He is showing me just how much of Him is in me. It is not what I deserve, but it is what i get. Similar to my wife and kids. They deserve, in my opinion, a better husband/father than what they have received, but I realize that I cannot be everything they need. We aren’t set up that way. If we were then there would be no need for God and his grace, mercy, love, discipline, and redemption. I am just grateful for the position in life that I have. I am counting my blessings for what God is doing and where He has put me.

Take a moment and reflect. Ask God to show you something new today. He will bring it to you. Accept it and then move closer to Him. It is SO worth it.


I have been neglecting the blog-a-loo here. I have started a new weight-loss blog at http://fatsobad.blogspot.com so you can go and check it out. It is just my journey through losing weight and getting healthy again. By the way, that journey has just recently begun so there isn’t as much there.

-As for an update, the beard growing is going well. As of today, I am on Day 96 and am looking QUITE bushy.

-Lovely and I are approaching week 28 of our pregnancy with our fourth little’en and yes, we are excited about it.

-The Village is still rocking and rolling (not crack rocking and weed rolling) along. We opened up the Downtown Church as a facility to house more guys. We now float between 45 – 50 guys. All the guys need help with getting their life back on track. While some are further along in the process, they all…strike that, WE all need help and a whole ton of Jesus.

Between a new life coming and getting healthy so I can hopefully see more days…life is grand. Not without drama, but it is grand. Besides, God is still God whether I am 800 lbs without kids too. Without God, I wouldn’t be here at all. Thank you for your love and sacrifice of sending Your Son to us.

Trying to catch up!!!!!!

Okay. So some really awesome things are in the works. Somethings have already happened. So why haven’t I posted?

Blogger problems.

Seems like I’ve had a few issues trying to post my blog entries.


I’ll go into more detail in an upcoming blog. I just wanted you to know that I wasn’t ill or dead or anything like that.

So for now…enjoy this video. It is a hint of things that I’ll blog about soon.

Little Bear update

I have been a horrible father in the fact that my little girl is growing up and I haven’t taken many pictures. I have no excuses.

So here is an update on how she is doing.

She is trying to walk. She can stand up really fast and then she will hold on to the couches and skirt around them…they are set up like a U shape.

She has popped 5 teeth…COUNT’EM 5!!!!!! The top three look a little like .

She sings at the drop of a hat. She dances to any music that is around…even bluegrass. woo hoo

She is trying to put words together. She now knows and correctly uses the following words (mind you, she is not yet 11 months):

Wall, Up, PopPop, MomMom, Nana, Light, Book, Bite. She has learned that Al (the big dog) pants and she imitates that. We ask, “Bear, what does Al say?” She sticks her tongue out a little and pants.

She is using her signs as well. So far she knows the signs to the following:

Drink, Eat, sleepy, Hi and Bye

She is growing up so fast. I’ll try to get some pictures on vacation next weekend.

Quick Multi-Update!!!!

What keeps me going today: My To Do list @ work
What moves my feet today: Good tunes and lots of coffee
I could do without: Adding on more hours

Okay, here is a quick update for all interested or concerned.

The Taurus: Is FINALLY being towed back to the house tomorrow. Yes the recall item is fixed, BUT it still doesn’t run. That’s alright, though. We already have one of the parts (thank you O’Reilly’s Auto Parts) that we need. Although the dealership couldn’t guarantee that the MAP sensor and new plugs would fix it, the replacement of those parts could fix the car. I’ll just say this…we are one step closer to having the Taurus back and running again. Woo Hoo!!!

The Blogger: I finally figured out how to fix the NO COMMENT issue. Did Blogger actually help? Nope! I figured out on my own while updated the layout.


to BloggerHelp.

So good friends and readers of the Miguel el Toro blog, comment on!!!

Playing catch-up

I didn’t mean to leave anyone out of the loop. I have no excuses. Life got busy and I didn’t make time to tell you about some stuff from home.

Here goes…

I think it is well documented that Lovely, Little Bear, and I got moved. We are still trying to get settled in and used to the limited yet graciously accepted amount of space. Well, Bear was fussy all weekend. We somewhat thought that the fussy-gus was due partly to the move and partly to lack of good sleep. Turns out that she was cutting a tooth. Well, Saturday night we are trying to recuperate from the day’s move and we are all (the five of us) sitting around chatting about life as we know it. Lovely is nursing the baby and gets a bite that is different than usual. Bear has been gumming and gumming for a couple of months now (click here to see when we started down the road to a tooth) so she chews on most anything she can get her little grubby hands on. Lovely, after she calms from the pain, looks at little bear and feels her gums. A TOOTH!!! Sure ’nuff. A tooth you can feel it AND see it!!! Shoot, I remember what it felt like when some of my teeth were coming in and I was not to be tampered with…at all. On to Tuesday, by Tuesday evening, she had cut another tooth. So our little one now has two little shimmers of pearls on her bottom gums.

Continuing on…Today is July 5th. On this upcoming Monday, the Silver Sloth will have been out of comission for one solid month. Right now we are borrowing “The Gas Saver.” (When you see the pic you will know that this is a true bit of sarcasm!!! This is not the actual vehicle I’m driving, just the same year and model.) If you looked at the photo, maybe you noticed that it has TWO HONKIN’ GAS TANKS ON THE DARN THING!!!! So between putting gas in “The Gas Saver” and still paying the payment and insurance on the Sloth I’m payin’ out just over $750 a month…just over $400 in gas for the truck. I never thought that I would say this, but I really look forward to the Sloth getting fixed. I mean, it is nearly paid for anyway. It’ll be a descent ride and all I would have to pay on it would be insurance. NICE!!!

Anyway. Moving on…Maybe I should’ve posted a few times today instead of one long post???? Nah!!

We have started another guitar class at the University!!! Yup, I requested the cut-off for the number of students in the class to be twelve…More than that might be too many. Well, ends up that the class got over booked…FIFTEEN!!! That’s okay. They up-ed my pay a good bit. Then they (the program director) came back last week and said that we would be running two classes in the Fall. All I can say is that the extra money will be a nice little extra income for debt-reduction, savings, and a little trip for me and the honey-loo. Bring on the classes. I don’t mind pulling in a good amount (well, a good amount for me…most of you out there this wouldn’t be enough to even consider the extra time) for an extra four hours of work.

Well, that is a brief update for now. If something else pops up I’ll be sure to post it…you just read it.!!!