Last night was fantastic. As soon as I finished up at work in the Loan Office, I took off to grab a bottle of water from the bookstore. I managed to convince myself that I needed a sharpie as well. So…as I was leaving the bookstore, I recognized someone. Who? Well, I’ll tell you in a few more minutes.

I gingerly walked over to the young man and asked, “Hey, could you do me a favor?”

Mystery person: “Uh, sure. What can I help you out with, man?”

Gingerly: “Would you sign my guitar?!?”

Mystery person: “Sure!!! I’d be glad to do that for you!”

We chatted a little bit about my guitar, the fact that mice don’t really grow on trees, he looks different in normal dress than in his Superman Suit, and if I was going to sell my guitar now that he had signed it.

I told him that I had absolutely no intentions of selling my guitar. Especially since he had signed it. I told him that I had to run and hated the fact that I would miss most of his concert, but that I would come up and check it out as soon as I finished teaching my guitar class. He thanked me for taking a minute, I did the same.

Who was it, you may ask??? DAVE BARNES!!!

Who’s Dave Barnes? What, you don’t know, Dave?

Well, he does have a lot of faces. Maybe you know Granny or Superman or Dahweed Barness.
Either way, the guy is fantastic, down to earth, and an all around funny guy.
So now that the Yamaha is signed, that makes both of my guitars autographed by famous people. the Yamaha is signed by Dave Barnes and the Epi Zephyr is signed by Benny Garcia. I’m two for two.
I either have to get another guitar to have signed or just start letting everyone sign the Yamaha.

A little late, but…

I never mentioned the last weekend’s endings. A.K.A. “Weekendings”

So a buddy of mine sent word to me to me that he had some tickets to a concert. Tickets to the Derek Webb / Sandra McCracken concert @ WorkPlay on Friday night. So I said, “Sure, dude. Lovely and I would love that.” Now the last time I had heard anything by Derek Webb it was a concert with the group Caedmon’s Call. I didn’t like it. so much so that I listened to the show for about 30 minutes and my brother and I then decided to leave because we rather hated the music.

Friday night couldn’t have been more of a 180 degree turn for me. I had breifly listened to a song or two of his since that time in the late 90s, but this was amazing. Of course, Derek was promoting his new CD The Ringing Bell and his wife, Sandra, doing the same. It was an intimate night where the two artists clearly showed their hearts and deeply-rooted Biblical convictions. Each song had its’ own offering. One, a toe-tapping “good’un” tune that was reminicent of Johnny Cash meets the Beatles, then next a heart-torturing song about depravity of our “Christian souls” of depth in Christ due to our fixation on earthly things and lack of desire for something more than just a wish-list God. They seemed to pour their hearts out through to the floor. Of course, it being a bar-type atmospher, many were drunk and trying to numb the pains that the week or life had inflicted, but I found myself drawn inward. As I sipped on my own beverage I couldn’t help but chew on the lyrics being cast my direction. Lovely and I fell in love with the honesty and reality of their words. We left the concert appreciative of our life and marriage despite all our struggles.

Saturday after trying to sleep a wink, we got up and shipped ourselves to the Samford vs. Jax State game (only for the half-time show). Little bear was definitely disinterested in Samford’s Band, but just as soon as JSU’s band took the field, she was just all movement – legs, arms, and head just a kickin’ and clappin’. We had a great time just having a family day. We took the day really slow and as it came to us. Only spur of the moment things.

The weekend was concluded by church on Sunday a.m. and p.m. The a.m. was teaching about the body of Christ and how we need to make sure to take care of ourselves as well as reaching out to those around us. If there is a need inside the church, we should meet that need. Sunday night was a continuation of the teaching on Sunday a.m.

At the end of the evening, Lovely and I just reflected and agreed that this weekend was a fantastic confirmation of God’s goodness and abundance.