Little Bear update

I have been a horrible father in the fact that my little girl is growing up and I haven’t taken many pictures. I have no excuses.

So here is an update on how she is doing.

She is trying to walk. She can stand up really fast and then she will hold on to the couches and skirt around them…they are set up like a U shape.

She has popped 5 teeth…COUNT’EM 5!!!!!! The top three look a little like .

She sings at the drop of a hat. She dances to any music that is around…even bluegrass. woo hoo

She is trying to put words together. She now knows and correctly uses the following words (mind you, she is not yet 11 months):

Wall, Up, PopPop, MomMom, Nana, Light, Book, Bite. She has learned that Al (the big dog) pants and she imitates that. We ask, “Bear, what does Al say?” She sticks her tongue out a little and pants.

She is using her signs as well. So far she knows the signs to the following:

Drink, Eat, sleepy, Hi and Bye

She is growing up so fast. I’ll try to get some pictures on vacation next weekend.