Monday night at my guitar class I wasn’t quite up to my normal operating capacity. You see, Wednesday and Thursday of last week I was basically passed out due to an ultra-bad sinus infection and fever. (And no, it wasn’t the flu…) Back to the story…Monday night, I was stumbling over words. I couldn’t think of ANY descriptive words. I was covering the great subject of Accidentals and the mixture of chords and scales that is the goal of guitar playing. I kept trying to come up a words that would explain what I meant …couldn’t think of anything that brilliant. All of a sudden, it slipped out…”Incorporate!! Ah, Ha!!! That’s it!!” But then I just stumbled over the next word. I RACKED MY BRAIN!!! The students were laughing out loud. They thought it was SO funny. I laughed it off and blamed it on the sinus pressure and the fact that it felt like my head was in a jar when I talked. All of a sudden, my brain got a whiff of a word and just spit it out random-like. The word that bumbled out??? Modge Podge!!! I mentioned that Modge was going to be the word for Tuesday.

Then for some reason a few minutes later the term “in cahoots” came up. So that is today’s word.

So, to my guitar class…I hope you learned something on Monday night…well, other than how to make a sick man feel REALLY DUMB!!!