Take 2 & Call Me in the A.M.

So I had to go to the doctor today.  I have had a good bit of ear and throat pain over the past 4-5 days…maybe longer.  I have been trying to get better but it just hasn’t happened.  So I went ahead and called in sick (since I felt like a steamy pile of junk).
I finally got to the doctor with my 2 year old accomplice and entered the waiting room, signed in and then the fun began.
‘Thias decides that he didn’t want to go with daddy after all, but it was too late.  He squealed for a moment and after some bribery of promises of trading sweet treats for good behavior, he was content.  After all, we brought a Hot Wheels with us.  After about 45 minutes in the waiting room, I was finally called to the back.
We went to the weigh-in station.  Then to the exam room One.  We were there about 10 minutes, then off to exam room Five.  Where we wait…
Thirty minutes later (yes, that means we had already been there for about an hour and 25 minutes) the doc? comes in.  No white coat?  No badges?  Just a clipboard and a pen.  She peers in my ears and down my throat.
“Yep!  Pretty red down there in your throat” she says.
“Uhm…yes, ma’am.  My throat has been hurting for a while” I exclaim.
“Hmmm… I guess that would explain it.  Well, I’ll get you some x-rays and a blood count” she replies.
X-Ray?!?!?  What for?  I didn’t sneeze so hard that I broke my face.  My nose wasn’t broken…it was just stuffy and sick.  Geez!!!
The x-ray confirms what I already know.  What I already told the nurse.

Uhm, relief?  So she says, “Alright, well we’ll get you a steroid shot, antibiotic shot, and some antibiotic pills.”

And then the question.  “So will those shots be in my arm?” (I ask since my son was still in the room with me and I was hoping to NOT scar him for life.)
She smiles gingerly and says, “Oh, no.  They’ll have to be in your backside.”

So within a few minutes, the nurse comes in and pokes the needles in my hind quarters.  ‘Thias just watched in amazement.  I just smiled and talked him through it.  I think he was afraid that he was going to have to get the shots too.  I assured him that he was not in danger.

So… not that I am home and the shots are starting to kick in, my backside hurts and I’m quite dizzy.  I just look forward to feeling better soon.

As ‘Thias and I left, he said, “Daddy…cookie.”  I indulged him.  He did pretty well for just over two hours in the doc’s office…well, thanks to YouTube.

Until next time…



Monday night at my guitar class I wasn’t quite up to my normal operating capacity. You see, Wednesday and Thursday of last week I was basically passed out due to an ultra-bad sinus infection and fever. (And no, it wasn’t the flu…) Back to the story…Monday night, I was stumbling over words. I couldn’t think of ANY descriptive words. I was covering the great subject of Accidentals and the mixture of chords and scales that is the goal of guitar playing. I kept trying to come up a words that would explain what I meant …couldn’t think of anything that brilliant. All of a sudden, it slipped out…”Incorporate!! Ah, Ha!!! That’s it!!” But then I just stumbled over the next word. I RACKED MY BRAIN!!! The students were laughing out loud. They thought it was SO funny. I laughed it off and blamed it on the sinus pressure and the fact that it felt like my head was in a jar when I talked. All of a sudden, my brain got a whiff of a word and just spit it out random-like. The word that bumbled out??? Modge Podge!!! I mentioned that Modge was going to be the word for Tuesday.

Then for some reason a few minutes later the term “in cahoots” came up. So that is today’s word.

So, to my guitar class…I hope you learned something on Monday night…well, other than how to make a sick man feel REALLY DUMB!!!

The Lack of Blogdom

No huge deal. I was so over-busy on Monday that all things stood in my way of blogging. It was much like the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie. Except instead of me, King Arthur, King of the Britains, kicking some Black Knight booty by chopping off limbs, torso, and head, the Black Knight made more like Aniken Skywalker against the Sand people.

Work was so busy on Monday that it made me and my family, literally, sick. The good news is that before I was chained to the bed by my sickness (actually I was chained to a toilet) I managed to get the car to the repair shop for the last installment of repairs (Heaven Hopes). Now that we’re on the other side of that, I can breathe. No, wait?!? I can’t! Here he comes again!!!

Have at you!!!