Homeward bound!!!!

Well, it looks like the old Taurus is going to be heading home within the next few days. Fixed? Nope. We’re just towing it back home. I just can’t swallow the $620+ to do two repairs that isn’t guaranteed to fix the car. I can do those repairs myself with only $200 out of my pocket. Of course, if that doesn’t fix it I’ll have to get a Code machine and run a code diagnostic on it to see if anything else pops up.

I hope that this will be an easy fix. I really do want to go on vacation. If I can’t get it fixed, then the rest of the family (including Lovely and little Bear) will go on vacation and I guess I’ll just work. I guess that is no different from the usual.

Anyway. We should have some answers on this issue pretty soon. I just hope that all of the salvage yard parts that were bought actually work and I don’t have to replace them with the new parts. (Note: I didn’t buy salvage parts…maybe for a broken window or headlight or radio, but never anything to do with the actual engine workings of the car.) Maybe I’ll be pimpin’ in the Taurus within the next two weeks. I hope so…even if the air doesn’t blow icey cold. I mean, at least I would be driving in the car that I’m making stupid payments on, yeah?