Sleep…I bid you a fond adieu

What keeps me going today: Royal Cup Coffee
What moves my feet today: The fact that my shoes are slick on the bottom
I could do without: Peak seasons

Welcome back, students.

That what everyone is saying around here. All the know-it-all, rebellious Freshman are getting their first taste of debt all while they are smacking their gum at you. It is one person right after the other.

It began yesterday…Thursday. It was move-in day for the incoming freshman. Parents hovered over their kids for the last time while they, the kids, ignored the loan counseling like Bueller and the teacher played by Ben Stein. I even tried to throw some jokes and word slips in just to see if they were listening…they weren’t.

I’m sure it would help if I was running on full steam, but my steam for the week ran out about mid-day Thursday. No coffee is really working. No sugar or sweets could help. There is only one solution for the fever I have…and it isn’t more COWBELL.


In time I will find my rest. In time I will be at peace again. In time I will make friends with my pillow and have a great relationship with it. But until then…I will nearly run into vehicles in front of me on the road because I have fallen asleep while I’m driving. I’ll make mistakes on orders. I’ll cut my hands up while I am trying to cut lemons and limes for the customers at the restaurant.

Such is my life…

Weekendings for August 3-5

This weekend was set out to be a mixture of absolute joy and shear, toiling madness.

So I get home on Friday and I notice that little Bear is very fussy. Not being haughty, but it is like she is sleepy or something…like she is uncomfortable. As weekends go, I am usually on Daddy Doody Duty so Lovely can take a break. I took little Bear to change her diaper and noticed that she was the diarrhea darling. I talk to Lovely about it and find that she is barely eating, has a very slight fever, is congested a little, and a little fussy. We weren’t sure if she was sick or if it was her teething. Well, it is the latter. By the time we laid her down for the night on Saturday, we found that she had “popped” a tooth on her top gums and has another tooth coming in right next to it. Poor thing. Even while she was teething she was pretty pleasant. She would be a cuddle-bunny and still want to play and get tickled. She is doing better today, but still working on that second tooth up top.

Lovely and I had a good ol’ time on Saturday. I have been looking to start playing out at coffee houses in about another 3-4 months. So she helped me pick through some tunes that would be great to play…different than I’ve played before. We finally got away from the house and grabbed a quick bite and some groceries. We didn’t get a date night this week. It was sorely missed. I really hope that the two of us can get away to spend a little time together to reconnect. We’ve been through a lot this year and haven’t really had any time to get back on the same page. I hope that happens soon.

I did get some much needed sleep. I went to sleep around 12 midnight Friday night/Saturday morning and woke around 6 a.m. I looked around and noticed that while it was light outside, that it was still early morning. I watched Lovely and little Bear sleep for about 15 minutes, prayed for them, and rolled back over to see if I could rest for another couple of minutes. A little later I was awakened by the overwhelming stabbing pain in my lower stomach area. It was a throbbing yet piercing pain. What was it? Had I rolled over on little Bear and she was trying to kick me off of her? Had I, in my sleep, bumped and kicked Lovely enough where she picked up a screwdriver and settled the score against me? Nope, I just had a 10 hour bladder. I had sucked down nearly a gallon of water from 8 a.m. on Friday to 12 midnight and was in desperate need of going to the bathroom. The extra rest was much needed and appreciated. It’s not that I always need 10 hours of sleep to function, it is just that I rarely, and I do mean rarely, sleep well at night. This was the new wind in my sails that I needed.

Well, while I do have about 5 more topics to yap about I think that I’ll just hold on to ‘em. Why? That’s just how I roll. I have to have something to talk about tomorrow or the next day. I didn’t really get to the “shear, toiling madness” part. Maybe I’ll just keep that to myself too.

I will say this. I know that I have had the emotional breath knocked out of me and the financial health of Job, but God will see us through to the end. I just can’t…we just can’t give up fighting for it. God has a plan that is bigger than anyone could imagine. I’m just glad that I have my Lovely and my little Bear to share it. They mean the world to me.