no time nor a brain to post

The new job is great. Already in a short amount of time we have seen so many changes. I have been on the job as of Saturday March 29th. I have rarely had a break. (the only true minus to working a salary job) But here is the deal…Sunday morning at church, there were 3 first time commitments to following Christ from our guys. God is truly preparing the hearts of the men to stand with Christ.

While I am weary, I am still energized. I counted up a little while ago that of the last 40 hours, I’ve been awake for 38 of them. So what am I running on? Change. (that and a lot of Mt Dew and coffee) God is changing these hardened mens’ hearts. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

I’ll write more later. must take a 3 hour nap to make it through the next 24-30 hours.

Wake up call….

I have tried caffiene via coffee and Diet MD…

I have tried a few Valentine’s Day chocolates…

I have tried slicing my ring finger open…(just a paper cut, but they hurt so badly)

I have tried stabbing my eye with my finger (not the one with a paper cut)

I have practically broken my toe…at least some of my toe nail and flesh…

I have even crunched some pretzels to wake up…

Nothing is working…I think I’m down for the count.

The only thing that might work would be to go and play some guitar….

THAT’S IT!!! But wait, I have to wait till I get home…

Oh well, I’ll just doze till then…z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z

You can’t make an omelette without…

Not that I’m wishing anything bad on myself, but I wish something would happen where I could still have money but could slow down for a few weeks. I only have a week and a half before Guitar Madness begins with two beginner classes and one level 2 class. That covers Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. Friday and Saturday back at Salsa’s Cantina and Grill. Two Sunday nights per month @ the Lovelady Center each month. This will leave for very little time for anything else. Of course, all of this is going on while I am working for SU Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Crunch those numbers. I will be away from home and family a good bit. (This is not good.) Here is the latest figures.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – I leave the house @ 7a.m. The classes are over @ 8 p.m., but I have to reset the classroom and clean the board. I leave the classroom by 8:15 and get home at nearly 9 p.m. – Total for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday? 14 hours per day – 42 hours

Wednesday will be the easiest schedule. Leave @ 7 a.m., home by 5 p.m. Total – 10 hours

Friday is the longest by far. Leave the house 7 a.m., leave SU by 4:45 p.m. and make the best time fighting rush hour traffic to make it to the restaurant. Start waiting tables by 5:15 p.m. Finish up at the restaurant usually by about 10:30 p.m. Total for Fridays – 15.5 hours

Saturday – a little more relaxed – Family time in the a.m., get to the restaurant by 4p.m. and stay until 10:30 again. Total for Saturdays – 6.5 hours

Sundays are tricky because it isn’t paid and you can’t really call it work. It does fill the schedule though. When I’m playing in the band here is the schedule…

Leave the house by 7:30, Practice at 8 a.m. until 9:30ish. Service @ 10 a.m. and it draws to an end usually around 12:15. Then off for a psuedo-relaxed lunch with Lovely and little Bear, back to the church to go over a song or two and to grab a guitar, back in the vehicle of the day and off to Loveladys by 5 p.m. Service from 6 p.m. to roughly 7 p.m. After that it is usually slow poke home to pass out in front of the tube or listen to the latest happenings from the people around me or to watch my in-laws play with little Bear. Off to bed by 11ish all to start over with Monday. Total for Sunday – aw, we won’t count it. I don’t think I have to…

So between Monday @ 7 a.m. and Saturday by the time I get home I have worked…

74 hours – give or take

So, what is the outcome of all of this? I am freakin’ exhausted. My co-workers only pull in 37.5 hours a week. I nearly double that. (Slackers)

I think things will smooth out by the first of the year. I hope so at least.

I know this one thing…I am getting away for a day or two within the next couple of weeks. I am going to cherish it.

Sleep…I bid you a fond adieu

What keeps me going today: Royal Cup Coffee
What moves my feet today: The fact that my shoes are slick on the bottom
I could do without: Peak seasons

Welcome back, students.

That what everyone is saying around here. All the know-it-all, rebellious Freshman are getting their first taste of debt all while they are smacking their gum at you. It is one person right after the other.

It began yesterday…Thursday. It was move-in day for the incoming freshman. Parents hovered over their kids for the last time while they, the kids, ignored the loan counseling like Bueller and the teacher played by Ben Stein. I even tried to throw some jokes and word slips in just to see if they were listening…they weren’t.

I’m sure it would help if I was running on full steam, but my steam for the week ran out about mid-day Thursday. No coffee is really working. No sugar or sweets could help. There is only one solution for the fever I have…and it isn’t more COWBELL.


In time I will find my rest. In time I will be at peace again. In time I will make friends with my pillow and have a great relationship with it. But until then…I will nearly run into vehicles in front of me on the road because I have fallen asleep while I’m driving. I’ll make mistakes on orders. I’ll cut my hands up while I am trying to cut lemons and limes for the customers at the restaurant.

Such is my life…