So about two weeks ago I am doing the normal routine in the a.m. Shower, get on unders, iron, clothes on, leave. I was in the middle of the process when I heard Little Bear blabbing in her room. Shady was still asleep so I went in to get Lil Bear and change her a.m. stinky diaper. I ease the door open and I am taken back. She looks at me as she is standing in her crib (of course, she is holding onto the rail) and she plainly says, “Hi!” I thought for a moment…Is this a dream? Did I just pull a Rumplestillskin and sleep until she could stand and talk? Dudes and dudettes, I was freaked!!!! I just tried to keep it calm and smile until I could figure out what the mess was going on. I got Bear changed and took her to Shady for an a.m. feeding and told her what happened. Shady said, “Well, I knew that she was saying “Hi” but standing? That was a first.”

That made my day…it still does. =)