Playing catch-up

I didn’t mean to leave anyone out of the loop. I have no excuses. Life got busy and I didn’t make time to tell you about some stuff from home.

Here goes…

I think it is well documented that Lovely, Little Bear, and I got moved. We are still trying to get settled in and used to the limited yet graciously accepted amount of space. Well, Bear was fussy all weekend. We somewhat thought that the fussy-gus was due partly to the move and partly to lack of good sleep. Turns out that she was cutting a tooth. Well, Saturday night we are trying to recuperate from the day’s move and we are all (the five of us) sitting around chatting about life as we know it. Lovely is nursing the baby and gets a bite that is different than usual. Bear has been gumming and gumming for a couple of months now (click here to see when we started down the road to a tooth) so she chews on most anything she can get her little grubby hands on. Lovely, after she calms from the pain, looks at little bear and feels her gums. A TOOTH!!! Sure ’nuff. A tooth you can feel it AND see it!!! Shoot, I remember what it felt like when some of my teeth were coming in and I was not to be tampered with…at all. On to Tuesday, by Tuesday evening, she had cut another tooth. So our little one now has two little shimmers of pearls on her bottom gums.

Continuing on…Today is July 5th. On this upcoming Monday, the Silver Sloth will have been out of comission for one solid month. Right now we are borrowing “The Gas Saver.” (When you see the pic you will know that this is a true bit of sarcasm!!! This is not the actual vehicle I’m driving, just the same year and model.) If you looked at the photo, maybe you noticed that it has TWO HONKIN’ GAS TANKS ON THE DARN THING!!!! So between putting gas in “The Gas Saver” and still paying the payment and insurance on the Sloth I’m payin’ out just over $750 a month…just over $400 in gas for the truck. I never thought that I would say this, but I really look forward to the Sloth getting fixed. I mean, it is nearly paid for anyway. It’ll be a descent ride and all I would have to pay on it would be insurance. NICE!!!

Anyway. Moving on…Maybe I should’ve posted a few times today instead of one long post???? Nah!!

We have started another guitar class at the University!!! Yup, I requested the cut-off for the number of students in the class to be twelve…More than that might be too many. Well, ends up that the class got over booked…FIFTEEN!!! That’s okay. They up-ed my pay a good bit. Then they (the program director) came back last week and said that we would be running two classes in the Fall. All I can say is that the extra money will be a nice little extra income for debt-reduction, savings, and a little trip for me and the honey-loo. Bring on the classes. I don’t mind pulling in a good amount (well, a good amount for me…most of you out there this wouldn’t be enough to even consider the extra time) for an extra four hours of work.

Well, that is a brief update for now. If something else pops up I’ll be sure to post it…you just read it.!!!


So about two weeks ago I am doing the normal routine in the a.m. Shower, get on unders, iron, clothes on, leave. I was in the middle of the process when I heard Little Bear blabbing in her room. Shady was still asleep so I went in to get Lil Bear and change her a.m. stinky diaper. I ease the door open and I am taken back. She looks at me as she is standing in her crib (of course, she is holding onto the rail) and she plainly says, “Hi!” I thought for a moment…Is this a dream? Did I just pull a Rumplestillskin and sleep until she could stand and talk? Dudes and dudettes, I was freaked!!!! I just tried to keep it calm and smile until I could figure out what the mess was going on. I got Bear changed and took her to Shady for an a.m. feeding and told her what happened. Shady said, “Well, I knew that she was saying “Hi” but standing? That was a first.”

That made my day…it still does. =)

My my how we grow…

Okay, so last week I get this call from Shady while I was @ work. “Hey!!! Hey!!! Hey!!!!! Little bear is sitting up by herself. She can actually go from laying on her belly to her side to sitting up straight!!!” I missed it that day, but I got to see it a lot over the weekend and last night.

So, Monday, I walk in little bear’s room because I can hear she is awake and it is probably going to be the only time I can see her…”What are you doin’ chicken little?” She smiles while holding onto the bedrail. She has pulled herself up and is standing. I showered her with hugs and kisses…and then changed out that stinky…wooh.

I saw her for about 5 minutes this morning…

It is official…(of course, it has been before now, but…) I am addicted to my family. I have to quit these 10 other jobs. I just can’t miss them anymore.