A new day is dawning…

I am drawing my employment with SU to a close. As of Friday, March 28, 2008, I will no longer be an employee of the great and studious SU. I will start my new position with the Village on Monday, March 31. It is bittersweet leaving a great place even when you are going to a great place. I will miss the friendships that have developed over the nearly 2 years. We have all shared in heartache and loss. We have rejoiced as new life has come about in our families. I will miss my desk fan. I will miss the time clock that I have so slightly loathed over the months. It’s printing sound will not follow me. I will be going from an hourly position where I punch a clock to a salary position that requires a good bit of my time. I am grateful. I know that there will be a learning process to the next few weeks…time management and all. I embrace the change.

yup, I know…I embrace the change…

Lunch Buddies

Two Dollar Fridays…It draws a HUGE crowd. But that’s because it is all-you-can-eat for $2.00 if you are faculty or staff. Today I ate with two ladies from another office and three from our office and a friend of one of the staff. I would say that the average age at that table is easily mid-to-late 30s just because there are four ladies that are in their 50s (or more) and there were only three people under 30 y/o. Anyway…the conversation was absolutely boring, as usual. Two of them talked about this campus event that goes on this weekend. I personally think that it is one of the dumbest things EVER, but I just chalk it up to it being my opinion. One of the ladies was trying to describe part of the choreography of the events last night. She said, “You know, it’s where you bend down and then you ‘pop up’ (hand motions were included) and jump in the air…one at a time…I can’t think of what that’s called…hmmm?” Another lady (much older) said, “Popcorn!!!” “Yeah, that’s it…Popcorn!!!” Me and the two younger ladies just tried not to choke on our food from laughing at these old hens that are trying to make it sound like they know what they are talking about.

After that there was a SOLID 15 minutes that passed by that NO ONE SAID ANYTHING!!! A few minutes later, the “popcorn” lady stands up and (genuinely) states, “Oh, I had the best time…It was great ya’ll. I can’t wait until next Friday.”

hmmm? It wasn’t that great. I think I’ll just take my mp3 player and sit by myself for the next weeks until I start my new job.

Sorry to gripe. I actually thought it was funny…

Mini-Road Trip

So my job required me to leave yesterday (Thursday) to drive to Tennessee. Why? Well, without giving out too much info, I had to appear in a court hearing on behalf of SU collections and finance department. Long story short…great rental car, superb hotel (that I couldn’t seem to sleep in), quick court hearing, safe but long drive back to the office. That’s about it.

A few more details…

Thanks to the people at the Clarion hotel in downtown Chattanooga, TN for all of your fine hospitality and lack of continental breakfast. Your decor and huge flat screen TV does make up for the lack of food as I am running to a court hearing.

Thanks to Enterprise Rent-a-Car for picking the 2008 Dodge Avenger for me to drive. (It as changed my mind about Mopar products.)

Thanks to SU for giving me money to spend on food. I could have taken my family out for what I spent at one meal by myself. By the by, if you ever need someone to take another trip, sign me up, please.

And last but most certainly not least, thank you Starbucks for waking me up after the court hearing was over and breakfast was being had. I love you, Starbucks Anniversary blend. You are the wind in my sails, the pep in my step, and the oil that lubes my mental gears for working.